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Mold May Aggravate Pollen Vortex Problems

The end of May saw the highest count for mold of the Midwest’s 2014 allergy recording season, signifying that the predicted “pollen vortex...

Training Course Hopes to Curb the Most Dangerous Threat on the Road

The best 17-year-old Kelli Murray could do to text while steering a golf cart was “I pledge allegiance to the glag of the united stew on smelt divid...

Canadian Businesses Urged to Stop Sitting on Their Massive Reserves of Cash

The Canadian government is increasingly vexed with many prominent businesses in the Great White North that are refusing to spend their money. At last ...

Should you be tweeting while at work?

According to a new study released by international law firm Proskauer, employers are becoming increasingly likely to punish employees who misuse soci...

Archaeologists Dig Up Dental Implant More Than 2,000 Years Old

Archaeologists unearthed what may be the first false tooth in all of history. “The dental implant comes from the burial chamber of an Iron Age w...