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Archive for: September 2015


Sister Gives Birth to Identical Twin’s Son After Cancer Left Her infertile

After cancer treatments rendered her sister unable to carry a child, a Long Island woman has given birth to her identical twin’s baby in the ultimat...

Your Weight at This Age Could Decide Whether or Not You Develop Alzheimer’s Disease

If you’re still looking for a reason to shed those last few pounds, this may be it. According to new research, your weight in middle age wonR...

More Women-Centered Divorce Comedies Coming To TV

According to a recent story from Fortune, TV viewers can expect an upcoming surge of female-centered divorce comedies. Since women are the ones who fi...

Simpsons Fan Remodels to Perfectly Replicate the Beloved Cartoon Family’s Kitchen

A couple in Canada is putting the finishing touches on their new kitchen, but they’re not installing granite countertops, stainless steel applia...

Yabba Dabba Do! Live Like the Flintstones in This Bizarre San Francisco Home

Although it’s not officially known as the “Flintstones House,” home buyers are sure to have a gay old time if they’re in the m...

Josh Duggar Confesses to Infidelity and Two Ashley Madison Accounts

The internet is not a place to stow your dirty laundry. This is becoming an especially prominent lesson for the thousands of individuals put at risk w...