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Archive for: October 2015


Pope’s NYC Visit Brings Miles of Fencing

While chain-link fences are usually more attributed to security than aesthetics, New York City was looking both beautiful and secure for the Pope̵...

Hordes of Bunnies are on the Loose on a Small Island in Washington

One thing the Bible taught us is that animals like to exist in pairs — and research often backs this up. When dogs are alone they are apt to fee...

Cutest Dolphin Ever Retrieves Miami Heat Dancer’s Smartphone from the Bottom of the Ocean

The Miami Heat should consider borrowing the nickname of the city’s football team for the upcoming season after an incredible dolphin saved the ...

Lammily Doll Teaches Girls About Acne, Stretch Marks, Menstruation

According to a recent report from The Washington Times, Lammily, the physically realistic alternative to the classic Barbie doll, is receiving a new a...