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Bleeding Gums Require Attention: One Dentist’s Two-Step Formula for Relief

Bleeding gums are a pretty common occurrence in the sense that many people regularly suffer from them. That does not, however, make the phenomenon ...

Nevada’s Courthouse View Apartment Building Reopens Jan 1 After Fire and Smoke Restoration

It’s been almost a full year, but residents of the Nevada Courthouse View Apartment building finally have their home restored and are moving bac...

Mumbai Police to Mandate ‘No Selfie Zones’ in the Wake of Accidental Deaths

Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, it’s likely that you see dozens, if not hundreds, of your friends’ photo...

Increased Vitamin D May Not Protect Against Falls for the Elderly

Around this time of year — when sunshine is in high demand and seasonal depression decides to make an appearance — “more vitamin D&#...

UK’s Government Defends Flood Defense Funding in Wake of Impending Budget Cuts

As the winter months roll in, the U.K. has experienced a disproportionate amount of rain, causing flooding that is taking a toll on both commercial an...