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So to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of seven completely free autotune VST’s that still have incredible functionality! To get started, let’s briefly go. Download Auto-Tune Evo VST free. Auto-Tune corrects intonation and timing problems in vocals or solo instruments. Note:Auto-Tune Unlimited subscribers, download and install the latest do not need to install Antares Central as it is bundled in every plugin installer.

Auto tune 7 free download for pc (Windows)


You will find some gems here no matter if you are Windows or Mac user. The Autotune was invented by Dr. Andy Hildebrand, a research engineer in the oil industry.

One of his most significant breakthroughs was developing an auto-correlation algorithm. The algorithm uses seismic waves to create subsurface maps that oil industry giants use to find potential drill sites. However, nowadays there are plenty of powerful, incredible-sounding free alternatives that can be used to polish and perfect your vocal recordings. Many of these free autotune VST plugins have an impressive range of pitch parameters such as formanting and snapping options , resulting in a surprisingly high level of control over your autotune effect.

Upon first opening the plugin, you are met with a stunning, industrial-style interface with glowing knobs and a clear, easy-to-use layout. The exceptional GUI design makes this plugin incredibly easy to navigate.

By activating the Correction module, your vocal track will begin snapping to specific notes. Within this module, you can control the inertia speed , smooth the note snapping, edit the snapping range and the strength of the correction. Honestly, this free autotune VST plugin sounds great out the box, but these controls give a lot of creative freedom over your autotune effects.

Using the smooth knob and the correction amount feature, you can create a range of vocal pitch correction effects, from Cher-style, futuristic autotune, to fine-tuned, minimal adjustments. Outside the correction module, Graillion 2 boasts several other vocal processing effects. I am only including the ones that are completely free SM Drums is a free VST plugin that is probably one of the best drum plugins out there, it sounds even better than those paid plugins.

Skip to content. It adds a nice, almost tube style saturation effect to vocals, and gives them a little bit of bite. It’s great at picking up the pitch and locking it in place, so you’ll never go out of key too. You can use KeroVee for natural or hard tuning effects, and it’s a great pick if you’re on Windows that contends pretty well with the above. The page says it’s a VST, but upon downloading and installing the plugin you can only choose LV2, or Jack file formats.

This means you could open the plugin as a Standalone application, but it only works as a plugin in Linux environments. The main difference between the X42 and the other plugins listed above, is that it’s better used in a situation where you need a bit of fine tuning, rather than a full Cher-like robotic sounding voice. It has most of the controls you’d expect on a free version of autotune, but comes with some added benefits over the ones above also some drawbacks we’ll explain later. You can download this free pitch correction tool over on X42’s website.

X42 is a pretty good piece of kit, and can apply autotune that is heavy or even natural. It’s pretty good at the natural tuning, and we were quite surprised at the capability of this plugin.

We’ve left a video from unfa below, who uses X42 to autotune his vocals inside ardour, in a Linux environment. The video is set to start when the audio examples play. Don’t let this being low on our list fool you. The only reason we included it lower is because of it’s lack of compatibility for any other DAW than Ableton When using BeatLabs AutoTune we were pretty shocked at how good it was for free.

It’s fantastic at applying that T-Pain, Hip Hop style effect a lot of producers and rappers look for these days. However, it’s not too great at being subtle. The one drawback of using this is, it might be a bit too basic if you’re looking for something to have full control over.

BeatLab’s autotune comes as part of a free Max4Live pack, which you can download on Ableton’s website , but unfortunately it’s only available for Ableton Live 11 now. So, if you’re on 10 or lower , you won’t be able to access this anymore. As you’d expect, the Ableton M4L plugin sounds fantastic, and works really well at tuning vocals to a key of your choice. It’s great at both hard tuning and natural tuning, and you should pick this over any of the others if you have Ableton Live In this instance, it’s better to look at some alternatives to those eye watering free autotune devices.

Here’s the essential list of the best free autotune plugins updated for Whatever you need autotune for, this article is a great place to start. It covers a range of awesome, free autotune VST plugins that you can use in your mix sessions or for creative sound design.

The most common and industry standard autotune plugin for Rappers is Antares Auto Tune. This provides a hard-tuned sound that gives certain Hip Hop styles the signature sound. You may also run into Rappers using Waves Tune or Newtone. These are cheaper versions of Antares Auto Tune that provide a similar sound, but lack features when compared.

Most vocalists will use Melodyne, Flex Pitch or another graphical pitch editor for more subtle pitch correction. Antares Auto Tune is a paid plugin. However, you can get Antares Auto Tune for free by making use of the free trial offered. If you can’t afford Auto Tune’s full package, you can check out the rent to own options on Landr, or the the monthly payment plans found on Antares’ website.


Autotune vst free pc. 18 Best Free Autotune VST Plugins


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