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This is the only real flaw I would have found in this otherwise perfect game. The considerations that can be drawn are several. The 30 mm cannon has a lot of ammunition, great range, but poor effectiveness, in fact it takes many shots to destroy an opponent other than the simple soldier. Hellfire missiles are weapons of enormous destructive capacity, but they have a limited range, plus there are only 8 missiles for each ammunition supply.

Unguided rockets, on the other hand, have capabilities that are a cross between the Hellfire and the 30 mm cannon. They have, in fact, a good range of action longer than the Hellfire and only slightly less than cannon shots. The ammunition is also sufficiently equipped.

So it would seem like the weapon of choice, at least for me. Beware of damage! When they are inflicted on our helicopter, they do not produce drops in the performance of our helicopter, but there is a counter that, as we suffer damage, from a number of , tends to go down, and During the missions you can hit additional objectives, which often lead to the discovery of hidden resources Charles, you dirty old sauce!

You should know better. I’ll be sure to tell Matron! Delilah 3 points. Gary 5 points. What is the best version? My opinion is, that the Amiga version looks best but the framerate is a low for today. The explosions and sound effects are great.

The PC version is really fluid, but the explosions look really lame compared to amiga and there are no speech samples. The Genesis was the first version and is a little between. Very fluid, the explosions are not so bad but also not so huge like amiga , but the menu for example or the mission screen with your targets looks very simple.

On amiga everything looks like the apache dashboard. Desert Strike! I remember this as a HARD one! Reyce -1 point. FoNUS -1 point Amiga version. One magazine even reported veterans burning copies of the game.

Nevertheless, Desert Strike was a hit on the market and a great game to play in These multi-directional shooter games allow the player to take control of an Apache helicopter equipped with three ammunition types with limited fuel and defense capacity. Search for scattered parts throughout the map and you can more easily repair armor by capturing and delivering POWs or allied soldiers at a drop point. However, beware of your fuel and armor level, because if either reaches zero -— your helicopter crashes and you loose a life.

Desert Strike is the first game in the Strike series. Your job as the player is to stop the General and his terrorist army and prevent him from launching a nuclear attack on the world.

Fly you AHA Apache through missions as you destroy power plants and perform rescue attempts. In the latest translation of Electronic Arts’ Desert Strike, you are the pilot of an advanced assault chopper armed with the most sophisticated weapons systems ever devised. Participate in various incursions behind enemy lines while avoiding missies, surface-to-air fire and myriads of enemy choppers! The action is heavy in this military tour-de-force.

The many goals are all appealing and the presentation of the cart is also top notch. Some of the play mechanics are a j little jerky in areas, but for the most part this game delivers on all of its promises.

Not incredibly intense, but satisfying nevertheless. EA did a very good job in creating a realistic copter game. With true to life missions that take us back to thei war in the Gulf, this simulation is one of the best ever done in a cartridge game. While the weaknesses of the system Ishow through, once the play control is learned, the game is manageable. This is a great port over from the Genesis. The graphics are much more detailed yet the animation is a bit slower.

The sounds are a big improvement and the overall game play is very good. Desert Strike has a number of cool features and enough missions to keep shooter fans happy with a unique perspective.

Sayonara, Saddam! Desert Strike is the type of game you must buy if you are truly an American, or at least against dictators in general! This is a little repetitive and hard to control, but the ending is worth the tedious journey, believe me! Who knows, perhaps we can look forward to more EA titles of this genre.

Browse games Game Portals. Desert Strike – Return to the Gulf. Install Game. Game review Downloads Screenshots 76 Cheats 10 Discussion 1. Chopper ’til You Drop ‘er In Desert Strike, you’re a helicopter jockey with a full mission list, on assignment in the Gulf.

Sand in Your Face This translation to the small screen is a good one. Have Some Desert Once you get the aiming and flying down, though, you’ll love this game, especially if you’re a fan of the other Genesis titles. ProTips: Not all the Fuel and Ammo supplies are listed on the map. Try blowing up certain installations to find hidden power ups. You can creep up on a target without getting blown to pieces by the artillery surrounding it Go slow when you’re near your mark.

After you blow up the second Command center, don’t kill the little guy that’s running around the debris. Instead, pick him up, and he’ll give you the whereabouts of the Secret Agent. Overall rating: 8. Download Desert Strike – Return to the Gulf. Sega Master System. ProTips: In Scenario 1, armor is hiding in the northern hangar of the north air base. To destroy the heavily-armed military bases in Scenario 1, use hit-and-run tactics. Launch Hellfire Missiles at watchtowers and AAA’s positioned around the perimeter of the base Then retreat, repair your copter, and return to finish the job.

To save gas, travel north and south over the water. You don’t use any gas when you are over water. In Scenario 1 you need to capture the enemy commanders, not kill them! If you kill them, you’ll get a slap on the wrist from your superiors and you’ll be sent back to the beginning of the level. Overall rating: 7. Theme: Action Release: People say: 5. Overall rating: 9. People say: 8. Action One Player Passwords. It might be tough for this Action-themed game to gain the top spot. The studio surprised all fans by releasing this PC game on Feb 01, date.

Being last updated on Nov 14, date, this game performs way better now. This popular game is followed by users on social networking sites. This gives you a birds-eye view of the battlefield. You need to eliminate the enemy while finding out about what Kibaba plans to do. In Desert Strike – Return to the Gulf, the Apache has three different type of weapons, missiles of two different types and a machine gun. Be aware of guns that can destroy the aircraft from the ground and also take care to makes sure that the fuel does not run out.

You will also blow up if the Apache’s armor strength gets depleted.



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Your helicopter has various weapons and a winch, which can be used to pickup ammo, fuel, armor, and even POW’s.


Desert strike pc game free download

The file you are downloading is a special package created by GamesNostalgia so that you can easily run this Amiga game on Windows Vista, 7 and 10, without any. Pretty cool conversion of Electronic Arts’ Mega Drive action hit Desert Strike, the first game in their “Strike”-games series.

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