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I recently purchased this first person shooter expecting more of the same run and gun type of action found in dozens of other games. I lied. I played the demo to death while waiting for this. After playing the playstation 2 version, I didnt expect much. When I finally played the PC version I was literally blown away. When I seen the depth of the game I knew I had to buy it.

The demo was the most used program on my computer for months. Now the full game is in my posession and I love it. The PC version is actually a completely different game. The missions are different as is the character you play. Obviously the game in general is far better than the console version. True, the game has no blood or gratuitous amounts of fleshy, dripping, guts, but the game has style.

You will learn that other games with gallons of bright red liquid gushing from enemies when you shoot them is rediculous anyway. There are other means of telling when youve scored a hit like sound and slick model animations.

Also, the graphics are great. You can hide out in rubble or lush leafy bushes. The sound is the best. You can tell where your enemies are by listening for them you may need a better sound card to support the enviromental audio, but they arent that pricey. I swear that in multiplayer, I have hunted my friends down by listening to thier boots jogging on the ground.

You can always tell where stuff in the game is by litening to it. You may have to creep with some stealth sometimes, but it all adds to the game. The review stated that the multiplayer is average at best. The reviewer clearly has to be talking about another game. It adds the intelectual factor of Ravenshield with a faster paced game.

All of the maps are wonderfully thought out. Even the smallest, forgotten nooks and crannies, that seem like developers accidents are purposely put in the level for the advantage of whomever hides in there.

There are little spots under rubble or in bushes. There are so many places to hide out and yet there is never a break in the action. The maps can be kind of large, but can be played with few or many people. The game tpyes are fun and have much variety. You will love the sinlge player Omaha beach invasion and you get to recreate that online.

The multiplayer is not sub-standard. In fact, it has to be the most fun FPS deathmatch or teambased game ive played. This game is so well done, it make many of the games out today look like garbage. The funny thing is: I dont even like EA Games after being dissapointed with several of their other titles.

Buy this game. If there is anything you will get out of it for sure, it is a sense of appreciation for the most horroble war of all time. You will feel the emotion in this game. You will feel like you are part of the raw battles of WWII, making adifference.

After playing this game you will run out and watch Saving Private Ryan. You may also feel the need to research some history on the war. It makes you feel. Check it out. I looked forward to this game with anticipation, as I am a big history buff – and a gaming enthusiast.. However, electronic arts rushed this out without much de-bugging. It is an extremely frustrating game to set up and play due to the many bugs in the code.

I have downloaded and applied one major fix, but my game still hangs partway through the first mission. Once I can get it to run, it appears that it has possibilities, but at the moment, it still needs work.

Strangely, my son was able to load it on an older computer, and proceed further than I. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. Would not install on win Report abuse. Waste of money. Will not run it after install. Yet the pacific and airborne discs work fine. The disc’s don’t work on Windows 10 so that is why I gave only one star! Got the game fast enough. And Amazon is great at returns so I sent it back! If you run the game from the autostart when you put the CD-ROM in your drive, then the cheats won’t work.

The magic is in the arguments passed to the MOHAA executable shortcut that we have altered, and these have no effect when the game starts in any way other than by clicking on it. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Legal MP3 Downloads Source a legal music downloads on the internet. Sponsor Sweeting. Setting up the Medal of Honor cheats To use these cheats, you need to change the properties of the shortcut icon that you click to start the game.

Screen 1 Screen 2 Screen 3 Now you have made these changes, start the game by double-clicking on this modified shortcut icon. To makes things much easier, when you get to the gate stop and crouch. While crouched, no guards will appear from behind as long as you go along the road in that position. Walk until you can snipe the guards up ahead with your KAR Once they are all dead, take out your MP40 and turn around.

Guard dogs will still be sent from this point onwards. Stay crouched and walk backwards then gun them down as they come to you. This is especially useful under the hard difficulty setting, where one rifle hit takes off 30 health points.

Easy health: Work your way up the beach until you get to the shingle. If you have 45 or less health do not continue. Go the medic on the shingle. Stay near him. As he says “here you go”, crawl away. After getting the bangalores, giving them to your buddies, and running across the field, the medic should come across and get shot.

However, your health will go up to full for the damaging run ahead. Note: This was done under the easy difficulty setting. Bonus level: Complete the mission where you have to escort the tank crew under the hard difficulty setting with all three members of the crew still alive.

You will go to a bonus level called The Void. In it, you have sixty seconds to find a hiding spot before a bazooka carrying medic comes looking for you. Never ending dogs: Follow the steps in the “Command Post: Never ending Nazis” hint, except do not wait in between the sand bag bunkers.

Instead, go further towards the end of the level where you see a bridge. You will see a truck at the other end with the French woman nearby. Wait directly before the bridge and an unlimited amount of Nazi dogs will approach in your direction. Get all nine medals: Use a text editor to edit the “unnamedsoldier. Add the following lines to the file. Just type in lodspawn and a list of stuff appears. All you have to is say in console cmd spawn soldier name. Secret objectives: In order to receive medals, you need to accomplish secret objectives.


Download trainer medal of honor allied assault pc.Medal of Honor : Allied Assault v Trainer +1

This will cause the two guards you can see from the window to start dancing and doing backflips. Make ’em Dance: Submitted by: DJ Simo Toward the beginning of the first disguise mission, there’s some Nazi activity that’ll make you look twice at least!


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Not читать статью bit. In it, you have sixty seconds to find a hiding spot before a bazooka carrying medic comes looking for you. It very well could be the best.❿

Download trainer medal of honor allied assault pc

If you type “cheats” and press ‘enter’ downlad the console if they arent working then it should say something смотрите подробнее “Cheats is: 0 Default: 0”. Duck down and go near the tank. Website Online. Guard dogs will still be sent from this point onwards.

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