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It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to 3 wire feeder to subpanel free. I want to add a amp RV service panel to my existing, detached garage, 3 wire subpanel. I understand that my current setup is grandfathered in and code is now 4 wire but I won’t be able to add this very easily to the main panel.

I also understand the risk of a 3 wire subpanel and that an open neutral will put V to grounded metal surfaces. I’ve read through this site and other sites and believe my diagram shows how this would have been wired prior to the wiring codes.

Still, I’d still like the experts to add their inputs. So my questions are, is this the safest way to approach this without adding a 4th wire, and do I need a separate grounding rod at the new subpanel when I already have a grounding rod at the garage subpanel which is about 30 feet away? PS, Part of this diagram was taken from this site, but I wanted to add my own setup to make sure there weren’t any additional issues. Thanks and your inputs are 3 wire feeder to subpanel free appreciated.

You will need 3 wire feeder to subpanel free run 4-wire from the grandfathered subpanel to the new sub-sub-panel. You will need land the neutral and ground feeders on neutral and ground buses in the existing subpanel. You will need to separate ground and neutral buses on the new panel. Tell you a story. A company did a remodel on an old 2-story building. They needed wheelchair accommodations in upstairs hallways and bathrooms. Three years later, they built another building right next to it, with a 2nd floor walk-between.

The other shoe will eventually drop, you will want to upsize the existing feeder. At that point you will go 4-wire, and since the new extension is 4-wire, you are Code complete. The current subpanel has the same breaker size as the intended feed to the sub-subpanel. Get rid of it. If the subpanel has feed-thru lugs, you can just читать полностью them.

Otherwise you can get a lug “breaker” that fits in two breaker spaces but is just lugs. AA Aluminum wire is your friend in feeders not least, the lugs you’ll be attaching to are aluminum, why create a dissimilar metals 3 wire feeder to subpanel free when you’re paid not to. I already bought the cable. Strip the insulation off and take it to the metal recycler. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

Stack Overflow for Teams — Start 3 wire feeder to subpanel free and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more. Asked 3 years, 4 months ago. Modified 3 years, 4 months ago. Viewed 2k times. Improve this question. Jay Novak Jay Novak 1 1 1 bronze badge. Personally I would follow code as the safest. Also if an inspector comes out you will have to have followed code 3 wire feeder to subpanel free anything you touched. The codes exist for a reason so to knowingly go past one of them is putting yourself at risk — Eric F.

Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. Absolutely not. You cannot run 3-wire to your sub-sub-panel. Save money other ways The current subpanel has the same breaker size as the intended feed to the sub-subpanel. The sub-sub does not need a main breaker. Improve this answer. Harper – Reinstate Ukraine Harper – Reinstate Ukraine k 21 21 gold badges silver badges bronze badges.

You make a good point Harper. I 3 wire feeder to subpanel free appreciate the input. Maybe best to just spend the time to bring it up to code. JayNovak in that case I should have elaborated. Grounds can be retrofit, so it is possible to run just a ground wire on a different route, even without tearing up the 3-wire cable. Thanks Harper. I was thinking about going that route anyways. I thought I could pull out what was already there between the 3 wire feeder to subpanel free and 3 wire feeder to subpanel free house with a snake and the wire that is already in place looks to already be Aluminum and then just pull it all back with the ground wire attached.

I guess I just didn’t want to tackle trying to fish that ground wire from the house to the garage. At least this way I can do what I want without worry. JayNovak Hold on. It’s conduit? And not rusted out. No it isn’t. The house and garage are connected through a big underground PVC pipe. No lines or metal pipe between the two. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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3 wire feeder to subpanel free


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I goofed. With only a 3 wire feeder the equipment grounding conductors must frre bonded to the grounded conductor 3 wire feeder to subpanel free the subpanel. If there is not a bond there is no fault clearing path. You are correct that if you follow a few rules you may xubpanel a 3 wire читать статью in from the disconnect to the panel. Here is the code article that allows this. Quote Where 1 an equipment grounding conductor 3 wire feeder to subpanel free not run with the supply to the building or structure, feecer there are no continuous metallic paths bonded to the grounding system in both buildings or structures involved, and 3 ground-fault protection of equipment has not been installed on the common ac service, the grounded circuit conductor run with the supply subpaanel the building or structure shall be connected to the building or structure disconnecting means and to the grounding electrode s and shall be used for grounding or bonding of equipment, structures, or frames required to be grounded or bonded.

3 wire feeder to subpanel free size of fesder grounded conductor shall not be smaller than the larger of 1 That required by Quote 2 there are no continuous metallic paths bonded 3 wire feeder to subpanel free the grounding system in both buildings or structures involved, 3 wire feeder to subpanel free thing is still wrong according to your post Quote my GROUNDS in the subpanel, which ARE isolated перейти на страницу the neutrals in the panel.

This is wrong and dangerous, as you are feeding this panel without a grounding conductor you must bond the neutral bar to the enclosure just like it was a main panel. You are correct that you need a grounding electrode. When you are allowed to run wiee 3 wire feeder to a panel you must treat this panel as a service panel, the bonding the electrodes etc.

The way 3 wire feeder to subpanel free have it set up a fault from hot to ground will not trip a breaker it will only feed subpannel into one of your ground rods. Feel free to ask more questions the members here will be glad to help.

Please read the code article I posted carefully and fully. So what you are saying iwire is that I treat the panel just like a normal “main” service panel. That’s what I always intended Therefore, my neutrals and grounds ARE bonded in the panel, and I also have ground rods at the panel.

So, exactly as if the service is coming from the pole straight into the house, right? And this is “OK” for me becuase I do not have any other metallic connection between aire building with the disconnect i. Therefore, I do not have the possibility for the neutral current to be flowing through the ground wire Question related to your comment about current being dumped into the ground rods without blowing a breaker Is geeder just becuase the resistence is high enough in the ground rods to not blow the breaker typically?

So does that 3 wire feeder to subpanel free that the 3 wire feeder to subpanel free wire would become energized? And then all the 4 wire applicance cases fridge, stove, dryer, etc. So the neutral, which orignates using green screen in adobe premiere pro cs5 free download the center tap of the transformer, is clearly the “low impedance” return for the current to flow So what happens if a neutral fails in a standard panel?

Seems like the stuff would work fine since they are balanced and the current would flow through the HOTs, but all the single line stuff would not work, as the neutral is not closing the circuit? But the ground rods to the panel, say, are subpanep good Ceeder that’s what causes all the nightmares with neutral faults And the purpose of the ground rods is to ensure there is a lower resistance pathway from the ground and also the bonded neutral than through, say, me.

So the ground rods are purely a “safety” issue, always hopefully assuring a lower resistance pathway to ground than through a person. It appears that I fit under this guideline. I’m in NY, FingerLakes area, so we shall see. Since I don’t have any subbpanel metallic pathways, and hence I think the reasoning for 4 wires and no bonding in the panel no feedre for current flowing through groundI guess I am no different than if fdeder service came straight to читать from the feeeder.

Thanks again folks! I can only think of this being allowed frre a detatched accessory structure. I think you’ll have to dig and add an equipment grounding conductor, but I’m usually wrong when I argue Bob and Don. What was worrying me and I think 3 wire feeder to subpanel free too, was your statement that the neutrals and grounds where isolated from each other. As to the tripping breaker and ground rods. Say you have 25 ohms of resistance in your ground rod and you have a volt fault to ground.

Losing a neutral is a bad situation ground rod eubpanel not, a grounding connection to a water pipe in a neighborhood with all metal piping may help in feefer case. Others can jump in here but from what I have learned the ground rod provides some measure of lighting protection. At that voltage level 25 ohms is much more effective. I think I have got it right anyone is more than welcome to straighten me out if I got it wrong.

Quote Structure. That which is built or constructed. Bob [This message has been edited by iwire edited If I have to dig and put in the 4th wire If I can wire as a normal panel, than I am OK.

Is there a difference in safety? It seems to me, since there is no other possible conduction pathway from the main disconnect on a pole, ‘ away, where someday I thought I’d build the real house, but live in the workshop for a few years first LOL then it seems that wiring as the “primary” panel subpanell just fine.

If there was another перейти на страницу, such as within the same structure, or metal water pipes, etc. Ошибаетесь. download multiplayer racing games for pc эксперимент could never understand why I needed te subpanel I think I’m OK. But the inspector will make the final say. I don’t want to try and по этой ссылке him the NEC book and 3 wire feeder to subpanel free my way. Not at all. I never realized ground rods were more of a safety cushion If their resistance is that high Thanks folks.

Where ffeder Everyone? Now you know. Key: AdminGlobal WirfMod. Rate Thread. Joined: Nov I goofed Because the meter and disconnect are on the pole, I need to wire 3 wire feeder to subpanel free panel as a subpanel. But I ran only 2 hots and 1 neutral, no ground. I have read in the NEC that it is allowable to have a 3 wire subpanel.

I believe I need to drive ground rods at the subpanel and connect the neutral from the main to these rods. Therefore, there is frew “loop” back to the main panel should my neutral ever be broken. Is this correct? It’s about malwarebytes premium free for windows 10 from the disconnect and service entrance pole to the house. Everything is buried I could dig again and add the fourth wire, probably the BEST thing.

Is it necessary? Safety is the key, I agree. Open to all comments and feeeder LOL Thanks. Copy Link to Clipboard. Re: 3-wire subpanel?? Joined: Apr NO sunpanel, Thats the wife we are required to do it now here in fayetteville nc. Joined: Jan I have got to type faster, thank you Don. Thanks for the reply. Joined: Aug What am I 3 wire feeder to subpanel free here? Bruce you got it. Hi Ryan, I see no reason the pole that this service starts at would wirf be the first “structure” The article definition of structure is pretty open.

Well, I wired the box with the grounds and neutrals isolated Moderated by dougwellselecturegfretwellПродолжение здесьScott35Trumpy. Posts: Joined: October Suvpanel 7. LarryC 2. AHJs and Contractors Jump in. Default Style coffee koniro UBB.


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