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simulates the working methods of the German professional firefighters. Experience how they work, how they proceed tactically and which tools they use. You can. Play solo or in up to player multiplayer co-op! Flashing Lights is an open world police, firefighting and EMS simulator game with plenty of.


Emergency Call – The Fire Fighting Simulation 2 on Steam – EMERGENCY HQ – firefighter rescue strategy game


Many kids dream of becoming firefighters when they grow up and Emergency Fire Response is a perfect opportunity to do it without all the danger. Let’s see if this title does justice to one of the most exciting, dangerous and coolest real-life heroes out there.

In Emergency Fire Response we play as the firefighters of Station The game features the bases of real-time strategy games. Here we are called into emergency situations and we’ll have to rescue people from danger while putting out the fire.

The game features a total of 10 fire situations in which you’ll have to solve different objectives in each of them. Throughout the game, you’ll be tasked not only with saving civilians, but also investigate arsonist cases, save art pieces and more. You’ll also be granted extra points if you manage to save everybody.

You’ll even get to control different types of vehicles, the 3D world is built realistically too. Action is everywhere in this game, but be careful, if you act too recklessly you could be putting lives at risk.

The game is an interesting take into the firefighter action, but make no mistake, if you’re looking for a realistic firefighting simulator, this is not for you. You can group your team like in most strategy games , kinda like an Age of Mythologies game. Grouping your firefighters and sending them into different parts of the map to try and rescue as many people as you can. The missions are static and will always progress in the same way though, and that’s what makes it a bit more repetitive.

If you manage to memorize everything in each situation you can beat the game easily. Emergency Fire Response is unrealistic, but it has some good intentions. The visuals are pretty solid, and the level design is great. There are a lot of issues in this game about the gameplay, but the main idea is interesting.

The lack of variety in vehicles and units you can use can be a little annoying. Thanks to the varied missions, even though there aren’t that many, it gets less repetitive. Graphics and visuals: The visual aspect of the game is one of its most solid parts. The world design is great and very realistic. In a game like this, fire is pretty important, and in here it looks amazing, very bright, violent and realistically animated. But that’s about it, the units don’t look that great, nor do their animations.

Gameplay: The idea of a real-time strategy game about firefighters sounds pretty weird, and it is. It’s not that it couldn’t work out, but this game didn’t get it right. Just that the missions are exactly the same every time and that there’s only 10 of them is bad already. But this gets even worse when you realize they are always exactly the same. And even with the simple controls, you have to click too many times to put out any fire.

Sound: The soundtrack is just dull. It’s cheesy and attempting to be like an action movie, even though it’s more of a strategy game. The atmosphere is not enforced by the sound effects either. These days they may be in the news more for striking than for saving people’s lives, but it seems odd that we haven’t seen more games based on firefighters.

Apart from run-of-the-mill platformer Roscoe McQueen a few years back, Fire Chief is the only title we can think of that puts you in the hardhat and flame-retardant overalls of a fireman.

Despite a short lifespan and the fact that micromanaging your charges is a burning pain in the proverbial, Fire Chief boasts some challenging, diverting gameplay and reasonably pretty graphics. In Emergency Rescue Service – Firefighter Games, amazing police officer thrilling tasks along with best animation and sensational er emergency rescue addictive tasks for accomplish.

Be the fireman of quick emergency rescue service and save peoples that are stuck in road accidents, buildings or hospitals in this firefighter games Show your American firefighter driving skills and help out the peoples that are stuck on multiple places in firefighter games Be the firetruck driver and enhance your American firefighter rescue mission skills and save the civilians to extinguishing the fire throughout the city in firetruck games. Play role as a firetruck driver and save multiple people lives to become the hero of emergency rescue.

Download GameLoop from the official website, then run the exe file to install GameLoop. Google Play. Extreme HD. Smart Keymap. Android Compatible. AOW Engine. Minimum requirements OS Windows 8. Storage 1GB available space. Recommended requirements OS Windows 8. Related Games. Role Playing. Action Role-Playing. Click to Install.


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