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Automoblog Book Garage: The Collector Car Hobby by Richard Reina

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Here we showcase the latest makes and models, often before they hit the market. We also report on other significant announcements in the automotive industry. Our in-depth guides provide advice and insight on numerous aspects of vehicle ownership, including maintenance, car care, warranty, accessories, and safe driving. This is us talking shop and talking cars. If you grew up as I did, you probably had a number of car posters on your wall. We used to have these book fair events at our school a couple of times a year.

My father would give me extra scratch so I could pick out different car and truck books. Those books usually had a tear-out poster or two in them of something I wanted to drive when I grew up.

As a kid, I loved the Mazda Miata and still do at almost In high school, I wanted a Mitsubishi Eclipse something fierce. In our rural Iowa community, and amongst us kids at the lunch table, the battle was always between Chevy and Ford trucks. Although after seeing Twister over summer vacation in , none of us could deny the awesomeness of the Dodge Ram.

When the father of one of my classmates purchased a red Ram that September, all bets were off. Growing up, we used to talk about what it might be like to drive the vehicles we loved.

Now that I am older, though, I keep thinking about the exact same thing. I wonder what it would be like to drive some of these vehicles I never had a chance to. This new e-book provides an overview of how first-timers can enter the collector car hobby on a budget and acquire the vehicle they have always wanted to own.

Readers will learn how to search for a classic car, what to look for and what to ask a potential seller, and how to care for older vehicles properly. In The Collector Car Hobby , Reina addresses one of the biggest misconceptions about the hobby: that you have to be independently wealthy.

The collector car hobby is more than just six-figure hot rods and flashy, high-dollar car shows. However, if you seriously want to enter the hobby and are willing to consider something different, there are plenty of choices that will open up your world to all the fun that the hobby brings.

The Collector Car Hobby is available via a free download. Richard Reina has been an auto enthusiast since the age of two when his dad taught him the difference between a Chevy and a Ford. During his year career at Volvo Cars North America, he held various service and technical roles and often traveled to Sweden. Although busy with work, Reina still found time to embrace his love of collecting automobiles. He bought his first collectible, a Ford Skyliner retractable hardtop, just two months after graduating college.

He currently owns a Alfa Romeo and keeps a personal blog of all of his car-related adventures. Although he considers himself retired from music, he does still know his way around a drum set.

Reina has written numerous articles , sharing his experience with our readers and offering his expertise to me when I write on the topic of collector cars.

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Table of Contents show. About The Author. Browse by Automaker. Don’t get left in the dust! Join our community to stay up to date on cool car stuff and updates every few days:.

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