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Windows 10 uses a lot of RAM. The reason is lots of unnecessary services that run in the background. Not everyone can buy extra RAM for their laptops and not everyone likes Linux to get some things done. Windows 10 Pro uses most RAM in consumer editions. I was excited like everyone thinking Microsoft really built Windows 10 from the ground up. Turns out its just another shell experience with additional features.

This heavy usage also affects your battery if you use a laptop. The last version was in and the next will be somewhere in or maybe My solution was not to go to LTSB. I was not interested in pirated versions as I will waste my Windows 10 Pro License. Then after 4 different customization experiments, I was able to get my Windows 10 Pro run under MB exactly. Note: The image above is from a fresh installation without any Antivirus suite I even removed Windows Defender.

NOTE: This tutorial is meant for a clean installation and not for upgrading or formatting just your C drive. If you need privacy and speed, you need to clean up the default mess and install fresh. You are better off with Windows 7 Lite editions for MB rams.

The final ISO size I got was 3. No metro apps and no cortana, blah blah etc. Just Google it. I am not posting the URL here since it may be against Microsoft terms of service. Select your version of Windows and architecture etc then get the ISO. It would be around 4. You can remove them later. In order to remove the unnecessary items from your Windows 10 installation, you need a tool that would edit the ISO. You need to extract it and recompile an ISO after customization.

This is updated for every new release of Windows. So, it works perfectly with any version that you choose. You can trust this tool and developer! We just need to follow the instructions by him carefully and everything will work as intended. NET Framework 3. You need to download the required packs and extract them to the Packs folder as specified below. The ToolKit supports updates either in.

Below is a video with above instructions from another developer Phoenix. He took the time to explain every step in this video. Thanks Phoenix! I removed Telemetry, Cortana, Defender, OneDrive and some more apps that are not removed in the above video.

The level of tracking has gone beyond insane these days. Like many online sites pointed out, Windows 10 is definitely a privacy nightmare! Its faster, easy to download and also supports other distros???? Everything here is self-explanatory, so I am not digging into details. But we can further speed up Windows 10 with tweaks. You should download this registry file below and click on it. When it asks for permission to add the values, click Yes. These tweaks will make your PC faster. The registry is accessible by typing regedit.

Then click Import in file menu and select this file. First create a System Restore point if you use System Restore feature. Backup any important files. Go to display settings and click on Personalisation and then click on Colors. Uncheck Transparency effects. Transparency is always bad when it comes to performance. Microsoft is slowly killing performance with the so called Fluent design implementation. Windows 10 is turning out like Windows Vista. So just disable transparency.

Go to Services and disable Non-Microsoft services. For me, unchecking every Non-Microsoft service worked well! Open Task Manager and select Startup Items. Check their impact on boot time and disable those you feel are not required for you. It never worked well for me anyway. I just have a recovery drive to help me reset things. Make sure you adjust your power plan for performance or balanced. Do not keep it in Battery Saver. Usually the power plan for laptops is set to battery saver.

There are more setting that are not easy to tweak using explorer. Be careful in selecting the settings. Do not change any setting if you are unsure. Some settings that you can change are:. We have done most of the work here. There are some little things to be taken care of on your own. These include disabling services on the computer using services.

Disabling services is a tricky task. You disable wrong services, you computer wont work as expected. Do this only if you are good at tweaking your PC. Windows 10 creates lots of Svchost processes.

This eats up lot of RAM. To reduce this you need to use RegEdit tool. The more software you install and more processes you run and the more RAM Windows will consume.

Use a lightweight browser like Yandex My Favourite and also lightweight Antivirus programs. Defragment your system every month or so. Use CCleaner to remove leftover crap.

Got anymore tweaks to add? Please let us know in the comments below. Happy Tweaking! It actually worked! I followed the exact tutorial and looks like this is the only way to tame windows 10 to use less RAM.

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Windows 10 32 bit vs 64 bit 2gb ram free download

Yes; in that example the CL14 example is faster lower latency accesses than the CL15 kit, since the frequency is the same. The only caveat is that you can’t perform an in-place upgrade.


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