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The disguised robbers sneak into the heavily guarded bank, take hostages and eventually gain access to the gold and state secrets. At the same time, the Professor and Lisbon travel in an RV and then an ambulance while communicating with the robbers and the police.

A breach in the bank is thwarted, forcing the police, led by Colonel Luis Tamayo and pregnant inspector Alicia Sierra, to release Rio to the robbers. Nairobi gets gravely injured by a police-inflicted sniper shot in the chest, and the police catch Lisbon.

With another police assault on the bank incoming, and believing Lisbon to have been executed by the police, the Professor radios Palermo and declares DEFCON 2 on the police. Palermo regains the trust of the group and rejoins them. As the police prepare another assault on the bank, the Professor exposes the unlawful torture of Rio and the holding of Lisbon to the public.

Due to this revelation, Sierra is fired and begins a pursuit of the Professor on her own. The Professor enlists external help to free Lisbon after she is transferred to the Supreme Court.

My personal Review:One of the best mysteriousand Heist Series you can watch. Angel pushes it too far and brings up their dead mom once again, forcing EZ to push back from the table in anger. Does anyone remember they just declared war on Stockton? So far the events of this episode appear to be taking place in an alternate universe in which peace exists. Palo claims he wants to make El Banquero as wealthy as Miguel Galindo.

And speak of the devil…the next scene is of Miguel learning the truth about how his mother died from the medical examiner. That would set up Canche as a hero. Removing Canche would make Bishop the sole king, just as EZ planned. You can tell by how sweet he is to his mom and her Chihuahua.

While putting away the groceries he picked up for her, he asks if he can invite Nails to dinner. Was she scared of anyone? Ben and Saanvi undertake a treacherous mission to save someone they love. Jared and Vance team up, but their partnership reveals secrets that could upend their lives. Cal, following his intuition, provides secret refuge to an outcast. Ben’s pursuit of a vulnerable passenger’s calling lands him in the crosshairs of an enemy. She and Hazel determine they are part of a crime ring.

George gets involved in helping to save Grace and Hazel from Grace’s employer who is involved in a crime gang. Hazel comes to the rescue when Dorothy is unable to model in Deirdre’s fashion show. Hazel bets a chubby Mr. B that he can’t lose ten pounds. A tax appraiser comes to the Baxter house when a prospective client is to visit. Hazel does not realize it is the tax appraiser, and so she starts bragging and exaggerating about all the expensive items in the house.

The taxes are raised. Hazel receives a letter from England, which suggests the possibility that she may be a Countess. Leo G. Carroll guest stars as a self-made millionaire. George searches for his client’s great-grandchild. Hazel befriends a down-on-his luck man she meets in the park. The Baxter’s hire him to do handy work around the house. Soon, as things disappear, they wonder if he is a thief. Hazel finds out the city council has plans to change the park to a business area.

She decides to fight city hall. George tells the family he wants to take them out to dinner. Hazel talks him into going to her friends new restaurant.

Once there, things do not go well and Hazel and the Baxters become the help.


Hazel season 3 episode 8 cast free download

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Hazel season 3 episode 8 cast free download


Hazel decides to make a real Italian dish, but has to learn Italian so she can read the recipes. S3, Ep7. Hazel decides to help the coaches of two competing football teams to become friends. S3, Ep8. B’s extremely annoying, selfish cousin Sharlene invades the Baxter household, and nobody knows when she intends to leave – including the imposing Sharlene. S3, Ep9. George has good news – he might be invited to speak at a law school. Friends of Hazel are expecting a baby, but do not have enough money to pay the hospital.

Hazel and George come up with a plan. S3, Ep The Sunshine Girls become foster mothers to a young orphan in Italy. They hold a fund-raiser to raise money to support the child. George’s childhood friend, an Olympic boxer, causes trouble when he comes to town to ask him for job. Rose and her niece Laurie visit Hazel. Laurie lives on a farm and tells everyone about the sheep having problems keeping warm due to being sheared too soon.

Hazel talks Mr. Griffin into buying sweaters for the sheep. After Mr. Griffin buys the local dairy, George has to fire Hazel’s friend, the Baxter’s milkman. Harold has to pass tests in order to become a tenderfoot in scouts.

To encourage him, Hazel promises him a share of stock. Hazel buys a Model T from the Johnsons, which soon becomes a part of Mr. Griffin’s business deal. Hazel plays matchmaker between a friend and the antique store owner. George’s cousin has a job with a home in Malibu. Grace is worried about the men that visit her boss. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings.

External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Hazel — Rate This. George’s 32nd Cousin 30min Comedy Episode aired 7 November Season 3 Episode 8. All Episodes Director: William D. Added to Watchlist. What to Watch in July. It’s the only time the hour alluded to how difficult a case like this may be for her as a woman who wanted biological children but couldn’t have any.

She’s raising a teenager now, but do you think that’ll ever come up again? It was a relief when her patient got to spend some time with her baby before she was wheeled away, and she even managed to breastfeed too. It was such an emotional scene.

Evelyn faced many issues as an older woman, a Black one, and as someone who was considered high-risk and previously had a c-section. All she wanted was a happy birthing experience of her choosing, but she missed out on that experience the first time she had a child.

Back then, she felt like everything was a whirlwind, and none of her doctors were listening to her. To Max’s credit, he was already aware of some of the hardships that Black women face when they come into a hospital, especially in maternal care. Evelyn’s husband reminded him of it further, and his inquiry of whether or not Max has ever loved a Black woman elicited a delighted snort.

Max’s facial reaction was priceless, and we all know Helen came to mind. The flood of doctors and medical staff coming into Evelyn’s room doing whatever they pleased with no regard for her wishes and not even telling her anything that was happening was such a frustrating moment. Fortunately, Max put an end to it, and he told everyone to treat her like she was a white patient.

There’s always something we can’t control. Always, But there is something that you can control, what you do next. Their policy includes an assessment based on many factors. Sadly, Evelyn’s age, race, and previous history are what prompted them to handle her care in a specific manner, whether it was to her benefit or not.

As much as Karen would like to moan about the liability the hospital would’ve faced if something happened to Evelyn, anyone with a cursory knowledge of the maternal mortality rates in the country for all women, but especially Black women, know that there is a problem anyway. One way of curtailing it is listening to the patients and trusting their ability to understand their bodies to a degree.

Staying in the supply room was always a temporary fix to a long-term problem. It was only a matter of time before Leyla got caught. Now that Lauren knows Leyla better and they’ve grown comfortable with each other, offering her a place to stay was the next logical option.

How did you like this one? Are you surprised Lauren invited Leyla to move in with her? Is the Mina thing too much? Jasmine Blu is a senior staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.


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