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For those who love the game, the third installment with modern-day graphics detailing is to be released in , which is currently titled Project I. When I first played the game, I liked the storyline a lot. Then I played it to the end, and I began to like its exciting narrative.

The only fault, all the missions were too focused on extensive shooting, overshadowing the rest of the story. Most mission sequences were infiltrations and face-to-face shootouts with enemy forces. But again, the lack of stealth and spy-like missions made it less fascinating and more enjoyable. Just kill the enemies and make your way into New York. The game is well-known for both stealth and combat action, as well as character portrayal and interface.

But, Cricket 07 has its last-longing following, especially in cricket playing nations, and one of the most famous PC games without a graphics card. In the past years, the game has subsequently lost licensing from most cricket boards, with only England, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa still honoring those deals. The game never required a high spec PC, and with the recent developments in the capacity of integrated GPUs and processors, it can be easily played without a graphics card on a PC.

While the latest versions require some dedicated GPU specs, the versions before can be played without much hassle without a graphics card. Though some users claim to play versions and without dedicated GPU, it may require you to compromise over game resolution. To play PC games without a graphics card on low-end specs, you either need to go a bit old-school fun gaming or compromise with graphics resolution.

Playing newer games on low-spec PCs with constant lags and crashes is not the right choice. These are playable games for PC without a graphics card and will run without any lags and crashes. For more such content, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on our social feeds at YouTube , Twitter , and Facebook. Yes, it is possible to play PC games without a graphics card.

There are multiple options to pick from, and you are ready to play them on your PC. You can also find a few free Windows 10 PC games without a graphics card. Check out the games from the list of top pc games without graphics cards for windows Heavy games require several things, keep your PC clean from any clutter.

Change the visual settings of your Desktop and enough RAM. You can also try online games, which are free to play on the web browser. Yes, you can play GTA 5 without a graphics card on your computer.

But, you need to understand that it will be shifted on a low resolution as the PC requires a graphics card for the visuals. Although you can alternatively play GTA: Vice City as one of the games to play without a graphics card on your computer. Yes, there are options to play certain games on your computer without GPU. I n the first game, Prince is stuck with the sands creatures, but in the second game, an entire island filled with creatures is stuck with him.

Warrior Within is the second entry in the original trilogy that debuted back in The sequel brings plenty of improvements, ranging from a revamped combat system to enhanced visuals, epic soundtracks, and more.

You take on the role of Prince as he ventures into the Island of time to change his fate. After releasing the sands in the first game, he is now haunted by a dark creature known as the Dahaka.

The prince is helpless against such a thing, and the only way to survive is to flee. Mystery after another will unfold and things will keep getting worse until he finds what he seeks and escapes the island. The Prince of Persia trilogy is a classic that nobody should miss, and it works on a potato computer as well. The day my eyes saw the release of Guacamelee , I immediately began to see the similarities. Guacamelee is a blend of Metroidvania and brawler, drawing several inspirations mostly from traditional Mexican culture and folklore.

You take on the control of Juan who has been mysteriously bestowed with the power of the Luchador mask which granted him mystical powers. Although, you can always try. The team opted to start fresh with a new IP, and that particular was Prototype. The game puts you in the role of Alex Mercer after being infected by an unknown virus that granted him super powerful abilities.

Such as running on buildings, throwing cars, transforming into deadly weapons, jumping higher than Hulk could ever imagine, and consuming people.

At the time, Prototype was a groundbreaking title that nobody saw it coming. But fans of open-world games were waiting for an open-world game where they could destroy stuff and feel powerful. There exists a sequel to Prototype , but unfortunately, the story is not yet finished and it may never be since Activision shut down Radical Entertainment forever.

Still, we can only hope that we may get a third game in the near future. His games aim to give the player the freedom to explore anything he could reach. This brave journalist is well-equipped with a powerful stick, her camera, and companions to back her up.

The best thing about the game is taking pictures. The game will definitely run on your low-end computer without any issues. This is your chance to discover this timeless gem.

Y et another great old game by Michel Ancel and Ubisoft that will most definitely run on integrated graphics without any problems. Unlike past games, the third game includes voice acting, implementing sarcastic dialogue here and there while retaining what made Rayman a great game to play. Rayman is granted new powers that aid him to defeat enemies, access new places, solve platforming sequences and more. You could also give Rayman 2 and Rayman Forever a go since they work on nearly everything these days.

Still, Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare is an entry worthy of experience for those who enjoy survival horror video games. Venture into the nightmarish journey of Edward Carnby and Aline Cedric as they land on Shadow Island, a mysterious place near the coast of Massachusetts.

You can only pick one character to go through the game with, but the ending is mostly the same for both. Edward and his partner have to investigate the island, unveil secrets and confront abnormal creatures. In GUN , you venture the dangerous old west controlling Colton White as he seeks revenge on Thomas Macgruder for the killing of the guy who raised him when he was little.

Instead of just sticking with the main objectives, the player can take on side quests that reward him with tools, money to upgrade and buy valuable items. T here are plenty of indie games that could work on your low-end PC, and Mark of the Ninja is one of them. The latter is a 2D side-scrolling stealth video game. You take control of a nameless ninja infiltrating bases, assassinating guards, and fulfilling his ninja tasks.

The best thing about Mark of the Ninja is the art style and the appealing cutscenes that make it stand from other 2D side-scrollers. Mark of the Ninja is a great stealth video game. A game made by the bro force for the bros.

From one corner, the pixel art graphics may not end up drawing players in immediately, but boy, the gameplay is the thing that will definitely do that. Broforce is hilariously fun, giving you the complete freedom to obliterate anything that comes your way. You can also call your friend and have a blast together. The game mostly consists of a series of puzzles that the player must solve in order to progress further.

The process of solving them is pretty unique in Portal as the player must teleport himself or the objects using a tool known as Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. This particular device is capable of creating inter-spatial portals between two flat planes which he can use to teleport inanimate objects or even teleport himself. You have to experience the game to understand. T erraria is a sandbox adventure game where you get to explore the world, build and collect things, and chill with friends online.

The game has sold over 35 million copies and has received generally positive reviews from gamers and critics alike. Despite all these years, Terraria still holds up both technically and visually. The game is brought to you by Monolith Productions, whose notable for superb games such as Blood, F. NOFL2 is also a great forgotten game these days. Her story sees you confronting the international criminal organization H.

This time, she must thwart plans for the super-secret Soviet project. If it succeeds, that could bring the possibility of a third world war. Since the game is no longer sold in official stores, you can always download the game from the fan-made website that includes everything related to NOLF. Similar to Rayman 3 , Psychonauts is a 3D platformer that casts you in the mind of a young boy gifted with psychic abilities named Razputin.

Razputin delves deep into the minds of people as he helps them to overcome their anxiety and fear throughout the game. Inside the minds of these people, Razputin encounters unusual creatures and sceneries that no ordinary many can tackle. By helping others overcome their fears, Razputin acquires their help in order to progress further into the story. Its catchy atmosphere, memorable characters, and meticulously crafted environment are things that will be saved into your memories until your death.

B rought to you by the same people who made the Hitman franchise, Freedom Fighters was a groundbreaking title for its time. Unlike other third-person shooters for that era, Freedom Fighters went with a different approach. The latter blends shooting with a tactical command system similar to Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 where you order soldiers to either advance, defend, follow, or go on a full strike.

The story takes place in an alternate timeline where the Soviet Union has won world war 2 and took over New York City. The Americans have shown resistance to such dominance and are fighting relentlessly for their freedom.

Take up your arms, unite and fight together against the invaders. P reviously, I talked about Burnout Paradise and the destruction physics along with the appealing graphics.

Flatout 2 was released in and developed by Bugbear Entertainment. Notice how the company specializes in the making of racing games only? Perhaps that could be the reason why THQ Nordic acquired the company. And who knows, we may see a revival of the franchise, soon. In FlatOut 2, your mission is to race and destroy anyone that comes near you. You earn points with each wrecked car you destroy, and as you progress further, you get the choose from a variety of cars.

S WAT 4 is a first-person tactical shooter developed by the guys behind the Bioshock franchise, and the renowned System Shock 2. Unlike typical first-person shooters where the player rushes into the scene blindly, in SWAT 4, you have to think twice before taking a step into a building. They know how to ambush you the moment you open a door. They know it all.

You have to train yourself to be patient, command your troops with commands in order to capture the criminals or terrorists. Meaning, taking cover and avoiding getting fired on is crucial to accomplish the mission. In Huntdown, you take on the role of a hunter who has to hunt his target and accomplish his duties.

Rivals of Aether has been the best game that I have played in the last few months. It’s 8-bit graphic engine has very low-resource consumption, making the gameplay super smooth. Stellaris is an evolution of the grand strategy genre with space exploration at its core where you explore a vast galaxy full of wonder. I am a gamer without a dedicated graphics card and love space games like Stellaris.

I found Stellaris and I was instantly addicted. Then I found Stell aris at steampowered. Steam is one of my favorites , together with Stellaris make an incredible match for me. My lowend pc can play this game perfecty even tho its pretty old and ancient, plus the gameplay is simple yet addicitve. If you are on a budget and cannot afford a nice graphic card for your computer, then Stellaris is the game for you. This game does not rely on graphic s so much, so that your integrated graphics card will be able to handle the game.

Highly recommended. Stellaris is a game played through the steam platform. This is not a good solution to the problem because in the listing for the game specifications, it clearly lists a video card is needed.

Factorio is an action RTS video game developed by Wube Software, wherein a player must build and maintain factories to produce items to build a rocket. This game is available in single and multiplayer modes. Super fun well made game that doesn’t take a toll on my machine. At a point where I can’t do a super high end graphics card but I still wanna game a b it.

Also Steam suggested other games that are in the same easy graphics area which is awesome! I work in a boring factory and this game is the only thing that’s keeping me from giving up on it. Factorio is a good game without needing to break the bank. You can play it in your computer from 10 years ago and still run well.

Create factories in this 2D game and protect them! Extremely fun game, reminds me of old-school gaming. I get lost playing this for hours and it was exactly what I was looking for! I especially like th e multi-player feature in case I don’t feel like playing alone. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is an adventure game developed and published by LucasArts in This point and click game have a new version in for the Wii.

I’m old, so that any high end game with so many graphics and effects would be bad for my health. Luckily my nephew whos an avid gamer introduced me to this game and all its simplicity and because he knows that im a huge fan of the indiana jones franchise.

This is a good solution here because the requirements to play the game are very low. This is definitely a game that could be played without a dedicate d graphics card. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, having been originally released in , shouldn’t need a dedicated graphics card to run. Since the game has b een re-released on Steam as of , it should be able to run on modern systems without the use of DOSbox, as well.

I have a computer with onboard graphics. I thought I wouldn’t be able to play any decent game with my hardware until I stumbled upon TowerFall Ascensi on. It’s a PVP 2D action game made by an indie developer. It supports local multiplayer so it’s great for LAN party. The graphics looks retro but very rich and pleasing. The action is fast and intense, best of all it runs smoothly on my pc due to the moderate system requirement.

Seems like a fun party game to play with friends. I have been looking for something to play with friends. TowerFall Ascension is a great game. I especially love the old school graphics and that it doesn’t eat up my cpu power or require an intense and high end graphics car. I love playing this for all hours and I feel for the price you really can’t beat it.


Mission games for pc without graphics card free download

Publisher Majesco Entertainment. That is why using mods and patches is recommended to play it these days. In the past years, the game has subsequently lost licensing from most cricket boards, with only England, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa still honoring those deals. Given its old age, CS 1. Best of all for me at least , you don’t need a dedicated graphics card to play! This game made me nostalgic for games I played when I was younger. Take a look at these games and find out the variety of the game genre you find for the games that can be played without a graphics card. You take on the control of Juan who has been mysteriously bestowed with the power of the Luchador mask which granted him mystical powers. Playable from both Axis and Soviet side, it recreates enormous battles of maneuver in a turn-based strategy setting. Town of Salem is a multiplayer strategy mystery game developed and published by BlankMediaGames.


Mission games for pc without graphics card free download.Best games to play on pcs without dedicated graphics cards In – Softonic

It also lets me enjoy the MOBA experience with plenty of fellow Asians bec this game is filled with them!! Download Advanced System Optimizer from the link below:. I still play it while my i7-powered laptop can hold a bunch of games with high-end graphics. It was developed and published by Edmund McMillen. TowerFall Ascension is a great game. This brave journalist is well-equipped with a powerful stick, her camera, and companions to back her up.❿

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