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The actual developer of the software is Awacs.


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The free beta version of Affinity Photo is available to download now be found on the Affinity Forum at On this page, you will discover why professional vector artists choose Vectornator over Affinity Designer. iPad with Vectornator interface. › affinitybyserif › posts › ipados-is-ready-and-so-is-af.


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Affinity Designer. Only RON All our apps come with a day money back guarantee. Affinity Photo. Affinity Publisher. Match attributes such as fill color, stroke color, stroke weight, transparency, blend mode or shape type by selecting all objects in your document. This ensures that the file will be a perfect representation of the original PDF when exporting, regardless of whether you have the embedded fonts installed or not.

Now, Windows users can experience these large performance boosts too with up to 10x faster performance on pixel-based tasks like filter effects, adjustments and painting. Requires Windows 10 April update or later with a Direct3D feature level Collate your document alongside all used image and font resources into a folder. This can then be easily transferred to another system to aid collaboration or for print production. This allows for better noise reduction and manual lens corrections, and also gives you more cropping flexibility.

Effortlessly add a contour to any object or increase the width of single open curves with this powerful new tool. An easy way to create abstract shapes or an offset path — great for various architectural purposes or for making a logo or print file for a sticker. Liquify operations can now be done non-destructively or applied over the top of a load of layers rather than just on a single pixel layer.

Perfect for creating certificates, business cards, badges, tickets, form letters, envelopes and catalogues. You can now create text on a path in Affinity Photo, just like you can in Designer and Publisher. The path can be created from any line, curve or shape drawn using any of the line or shape tools and allows you to explore a whole range of diverse typographical designs.

You can now link resources in Designer and Photo just like you can in Publisher, opening up collaborative workflow possibilities and reducing document file sizes. Organize layers more efficiently by selecting all objects of a certain type all symbols, all pixel layers, any shapes without a stroke, etc within your document to make editing them even easier.

Instead of remaining embedded within the document, any pixel layers you have in Affinity Publisher can now be converted to an image, which can also now be linked or packaged as a resource. This new feature opens up creative and practical techniques like correcting color casts, enhancing infrared imagery and augmenting live filters. You now have the ability to link your apps with your Affinity account and download all of your content from the store directly to your apps. In addition to our already amazing PSD handling, when placing a PSD, Affinity Publisher now uses the flattened bitmap representation in the file rather than interpreting the file content itself.

This will provide much better results without needing to have the correct fonts installed. You can still choose to edit the layers of the placed PSD should you wish.

Save your favourite workspace setups for different tasks and easily switch between them. Additional controls now make it possible to avoid flowing text onto both sides of a curve and to hide overflowing path text if desired.

You can now change the color of the bleed and margin guides in your documents. When opening an Affinity document with artboards in Publisher, it will no longer automatically prompt to convert to spreads. It will open as an artboard document, but you can convert at any time through the option in the pages panel.

You can now see and edit the scale percentage of any placed files in the context toolbar previously only available for images. The curves adjustment now gives X and Y readout values for each node on the graph, allowing you to make incredibly precise numeric adjustments.

Dodge and burn on masks and use brush tools with blend modes. Gives you fine tonal control when masking. Bookmarks provide a listing of flagged content present within a PDF document and are a great tool to save digital readers time as it allows them to skip to certain parts of a document, such as an order form.

They can now be added via the Anchor Panel or automatically generated from a Table of Contents. You can now use a selection of destructive filters on mask layers, including blurring, sharpening, distortion and noise. Ios 11 introduced some great accessibility improvements. Although affinity designer has the extremely useful 1x, 2x and 3x export, i’m wondering if there’s a way to export in the variety of sizes that are required for an ios icon?

The templates will help you to create beautiful affinity designer documents much faster and easier. I dont understand why they are already on the new affinty designer. Affinity photo handles raw more impressively than ever. Affintity designer comes with an amazing tool called assets. Like its sister app, affinity photo, affinity designer for ipad is a huge get for ipad users who desire professional apps with little to no compromises.

With it you can quickly prototype or design elements you find yourself repeating in your design. Bjango app icon templates by pbjango pty ltd. To create an awesome affinity designer document, just browse through categories in this. One of the ways they have done that is by adapting all the standard text style sizes to accessibility. This bumper pack of ios 11 ui assets contains hundreds of elements, including the updates to apple pay, faceid and iphone x.

You can use them conveniently thanks to the affinity assets panel. Grain effect using equation filter by paolo limoncelli.

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