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Awesome gameplay! Hello SP team I appreciate you guys so much 213 from vietnam On behalf of the loving community from Vietnam, thank you. Not needed in my case, but it won’t do any harm and may solve issues in some PCs. Have you been able to add real faces to the football life game? Thank you for your attention. Smoke will not change the gameplay again and читать далее surely focus on the server kit, facepack and others. When I run pes 2013 pc download gratis Update 1.❿

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One error i spotted is non of the Classic teams or the Angola NT have kits. They have that two tone blue kit. But, apart from a quick look, everything else looks good. Dear SP Team: I pay tribute to your collective work, the time you spent on the SPFL23 project, thank you for giving us all joy once again and enjoying football, you are real enthusiasts and professionals in what you have created for us.

Thank you very much, although I know no words can describe my gratitude. Thank you for your effort and am really looking forward to playing Unbelievable work!!!

After install game replace face pack all files with update file not effect in game only change cr7 face but other players face not change de gea all man utd player also and when i have enter edit mode in game show me image list not found please help and what can i do. Game extract properly and install also properly please help. Good afternoon about the faces, are they compatible with the version of SmokePatch21 or should I wait for the versions of the next exclusive pack for SP Football Life?

Excellent work. Smooth gameplay and gameplay. SP is a masterpiece! Thank you for your work! Just a feedback: some teams’ lineups are not correct. I mean e. It amazes me how much do people ask the same question that was answered 5 to 7 months ago, and repeteadly with every new post. Just read the posts. Twice if you need to. How can I solve it? I have the same problem, still waiting for an answer because I’ve been waiting a long time for this.

You did a fantastic job! Do you know when you will release the megaface Pack? I have another question. Can we add our own kits via a kitserver? So the next update concerns the kitserver, is that it?

Can’t wait for this to happen to start my lm with Saint Etienne. For the faces we can start to add some ourselves already? Thank you so much for the great work. I installed everything and when I opened the game for the first time, everything was ok I closed the game and reopened it again Please help me with this issue, as I saw some of your responses to comments that had the same issue but I don’t understand what you mean by “cloud”and “local”.

Thank you for your response. In pes i dont have a lag but in this game i have a lag and the game runs so slowly what is the problem my pes runs perfectly and i dont have lag.

Waiting soon the patch with the facepack and other stuff because looking ronaldo with a unknown face making the game umplayable xD vote 9. Amazing work, thx for the great job. For those that are having issues with the lineups looks like entering edit mode makes the game load the edit file and fix the lineups.

The only thing that i was unable to use was the old facepacks, anyone got a solution? While playing my country league Brazil most faces load, but almost nonne face for the great European Leagues. Help me with a doubt. I’m using dualshock 4 and I managed to make it work by adding the game to steam by opening it through the big picture.

But my doubt is, within a match, all the passes I make are too slow. A couple of problems. In important and lesser teams.

Can i fix these issues by myself? If yes, how? Im not very prolific with modding, where should i start looking? If there isn’t a way, will the team fix these issues in future updates? Hello SP team I appreciate you guys so much I’m from vietnam On behalf of the loving community from Vietnam, thank you. The gameplay and graphics looks fine but there’s a LOT of glitches and errors 1- The lineups of most teams are fully messed up 2- There’s some glitches on two stadius, which they appear as Unknown Stadium and the balls on Exibition Mode are only one, Nike 3- Some teams jerseys are outdated 4- This the worst one, the Edit Mode’s all messed up, you can’t change anything and it’s all glitched, specially when you try to customize the cups and championships.

I copied the facepack, including the extras, and of course some faces are there, but a lot of superstars are missing Lewandowski, Benzema, etc. Is it something I am doing wrong? Hello, thanks for the great update SP team. And I notice that some team’s roster are mess up.

Any solution that I can fix the Face Addons? For those who encounter problems, please please please read the tuto before installing. Every details are there! Where are the faces? Where is the edit mode? Why stats are different?

Please read before asking!! Good job SmokePatch! It’s very ambitious and the gameplay is perfect. Just waiting for the addons now. Have you been able to add real faces to the football life game? Using the smokepatch facepack I mean. No need because they said the database number is different for some players. So if you install the previous version of facepack even made by them , a lot of players will not have faces, and others will have.

They give the new database that we can download if you want to change the code number and install the faces one by one which is a waste of time So, just wait for the facepack addons now!

Hello, there is no Korean in the language. English only. A Korean patch file is required. And thanks to the team that made the game. Firstly i want to say this is the best game ever made.

After I installed it, there are some things that need to be improved. It’s because the new database for the players is different from the last facepack. Go to database, find the list of the players with their code and change it for some players Or wait for the facepack addons. Thanks for making the game. I do not have Korean, so I need a Korean patch file, please.

Warning : Your computer does not meet the Minimum System Requirements run this software. As a result , you may experience errors during operation. Your Video Card does not meet the required specifications. I have the same specs but mine runs great Did you update your drivers?

Also, make sure that the game recognizes your Nvidia GPU. Hi Matt, same graphics card also, updated drivers last night, but still have the message Saleh gets too, how can you get the game to recognise it?

Does anyone has issue with fps drop and slowed game??? Hello i hope i get an answer , i downloaded the game and it worked in first time i tryed to reduce graphique scale and other option but it keep loading even after restart the gamd it keep loading. It probably won’t work with the pes facepack. Please fix this issue quickly.

There is no other language other than Korean. I would like to be able to use other languages. Do you guys think it could be possible to change the gameplay in the future? Efootball gameplay is just terrible, players are just too slow, they dont respond to your commands and the foul system is just ridiculous.

Despite that, amazing work, hope it gets well. If you guys ever open donations, i’m sure i’d help. Have you played this game though? Because there is a switcher that makes you choose if you want Football Life 23 gameplay or Pes gameplay. I have been playing it using Football Life and the fouls have been very minimal The gameplay I find very good, realistic.

At worst increases the speed of games. Smoke will not change the gameplay again and will surely focus on the server kit, facepack and others. Looks and feels great.

Overall and even without some addons it’s most likely the best experience of football out there. Some people don’t like the gameplay and are reverting to PES21, but i think SP Football Life is better in the simulation aspect of the sport. Still have to play more but you guys did it! That’s the game we’ve always wanted to play.

SP team. Thank for your amazing work. But i only have two preoccupation : 1. My favorite team which is Paris saint Germain doesn’t have kits for this season, it only the last season’s kit. Plz in the second update try to solve that issue. All the players doesn’t have their real faces, i know we need to wait for the add-ons of faces and others but we don’t know when it will be released while we’reso impatient to start play the game.

Even if we add last faces packs, they aren’t compatible to all players. The thing is that we need the news faces.

Hope it will be released very soon. Hey Admin on the future u guys still work on update the newest face or not? Hello,, thanks for the but im sorry before,, i think its better to make patch for new season,, :. Hi you. At the outset, I would like to thank you for your efforts and work to create something great for fans of the PES series : However, I read comments regarding the fact that the documents are local and not in the cloud place of storage and I do not know what is going on.

How can I change it? I read below but I do not fully understand what is going on, because I also have a problem with the compositions and faces of famous players. Hey, first of all, thank you very much for spfl, ratings players is perfect, gameplay is good, you know you have to get used to it because you feel a lot of differences. Secondly, people embrace yourself in these comments, this is the 1st version, wait calmly, there will be faces all the other things, these faces do not bother me at all, in some time it will be easy, so far I had no problems, you do not have a lineup in a friendly match, you go into edit later you enter the match already there, in the master league they work.

But that’s not all I wanted to talk about, please let the creators write me on what settings should I play to be equal to AI, pass assist 1,2,3? Because in the original version of AI, the game on pass asist 3 is obvious, but what does it look like on the patch, another question for this gameplay on which game speed should be played?

And I guess that’s how much I want you to write on what game speed and pass assist settings should be played on this version. Regards, great job, and the people who write comments can’t even install the game. After all, everything is described You really can’t play without a face? People you are really weird, all that counts is gameplay and ratings players the rest are just stupid empty graphic additions, in everything you want, just wait some time, everything will be available, it all takes time.

Will there be spanish text for the menu? At the moment the sider shows a empty rectangle with no options, I would like to know if I’ll be able to set the game in spanish for the menu, is too important for me, thanks for any answer. Hey, Thanks for your great work: i have the game on local documents and still have messy formations found that national teams are ok but club teams formations are messy.

Why put the buttons on the play station? Is a pc game, the reference point are the buttons of the xbox. The gameplan is wrong , the players are not in their correct position. Can you fix it? Hi Mr Smoke, how to change the volume level because the settings for audio doesnt work for me. I really hope that the Korean League is included in future versions, would love to have this league. This is the great work. Thank you, SP Team, you’re heroes. Can’t wait for addons.

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Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. Squad randomizes every time I try to play exibition match.❿

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How to fix it? Same issue, tried changing the names of facepacks on extra and the other way around, did not help. I also installed the latest facepack for pes 21, but most of the faces of the players are missing. Awesome work guys. Books to Borrow Open Library. Great job. Anyone have an idea why I can’t install the update?

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