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Since Super is planned as a near identical translation of the coin-op, in the pry all the good and bad should be carried over, except for one major difference: speed. It’s all here, every character, every move, every background, and every grunt, groan and ‘Ha-Ko-Den! One nearly unnoticeable option which I love is the ability to let the computer play for you! But this is really just quibbling. Capcom firmly denies, however, the slightest possibility that it’s Super Turbo, since ST features would take up too much memory. You smelled it like the sweat and blood dripping off Sagat’s scarred chest.❿


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You choose your player and the CPU opponent and try to win as fast as possible. Can you beat the Capcom staff record? This game doesn’t have any built in Super Turbo arcade moves. Super is also missing some features from the Turbo home version. It has three stars four speed levels and all the features of the coin-op, true Street Fighter disciples will probably find it worth playing.

There’s a lot to love about Super. Hawk-all fall into established styles of game play and use familiar controller motions but still add new dimensions to the action. Considering that most of the old characters have one new move some more effective than others you’ve got some exciting match-ups total, as opposed to 78 in Turbo. On the negative side, some reason Capcom saw fit to actually remove moves, which annoyingly weakens certain characters. Taking features away imbalances some fights and gives you less technique.

If you prefer three stars or under, it’s no problem, but if you feel the need for Hyper speed, it can be a major problem. All this leads to one big question: Are there any codes for extra stars, Super Turbo features, or anything else? Capcom confirms the existence of at least one code but won’t say what it does. Capcom firmly denies, however, the slightest possibility that it’s Super Turbo, since ST features would take up too much memory. Without a definitive confirmation of more stars, speed freaks should proceed with a degree of caution.

Playing Street Fighter is exciting in two ways: playing against the computer and playing against a friend. In the single-player mode, Capcom has given the CPU some majorly cheap new patterns on the hardest setting that should keep experts frustrated and happy.

I love to hate you, get it? The artificial intelligence is really tough to beat, harder than the Super coin-op, though not as tough as Super Turbo arcade. In the two-player mode, there’s a plethora of new modes and options available, such as Tournament Battle and Time Challenge, but unfortunately none of them seem to add much value to competitive situations.

For example, there’s no way to hold an extended multi-character tournament for more than two players. Even Capcom traditional tournament- site rules aren’t incorporated, which would’ve enabled both players to choose five or so different match-ups and then play both sides of each fight. If you can win both sides of the fight, you win a point. Wouldn’t this have been more exciting and required more skill than the generic single-elimination Tournament Battle?

If you’re expecting completely redrawn character graphics and all-new animation, you’ll be disappointed. The good news is that so much new artwork and animation were packed in that the look is just awesome. Combine this with the new background touches, such as the orange-hued sky in Sagat’s Thailand and the perfectly rendered English countryside in Cammy’s stage, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find better SNES graphics than Super.

Super’s audio has highs and lows. The music is a big plus and has all the tunes from the arcade, with great representation of the cool instruments and effects. The voices, on the other hand, leave even more to be desired than the coin-op. Not only does the announcer sound less masculine than a soprano singer, but some of the voices, such as Dhalsim’s death groan, are a bit distorted by echo effects.

Regardless, it’s still great sound once you get used to it. On the other hand, one way to look at purchasing Super is this: Many other series get updated every year with a few new features but at the heart are still the same game.

Last year, you were promised a Champion right away, but instead you had to wait forever just to get something Special. Remember the pixel blur and less-than-defined colors? Remember the tinny music? Remember the phlegm-in-your-throat voices? Unless one star is all that important to you. Overall, Super for the Genesis is still an extremely high-quality, value-packed, solid translation of the coin-op that includes tons of extra though not necessarily worthwhile features.

Unfortunately, Super was never the game it could have been in the arcades, and the same imbalances and flaws that hurt the coin-op still affect the home versions. Where is Guile’s double-hitting Flash Kick? As far as new features go, Super Genesis is a jack of all trades but master of none.

Most of the options are pretty cosmetic or just downright boring and unimportant. For example, you can play a Time Challenge mode where you try to beat the computer in the shortest time possible. Gee, why is this fun when breaking the record is blind luck the CPU must expose itself by throwing a fireball and the game doesn’t save high scores? How about the new Tournament Battle, with one-round matches and the inability to use real-life tournament rules?

The most potentially interesting mode is the Expert mode, which pits you against all 16 opponents instead of just There better be a special ending for beating this mode!

Doing Zangief’s Spinning Pile Driver motion with a kick is safer than with a punch, because you can get either the Siberian Suplex or the Siberian Bear Crusher to come out. Super seems to have retained almost all the graphical candy and animation quality of the coin-op, from Ruy’s heart quickening fireball intro to Cammy’s winning poses.

However, it’s still the Genesis, so prepare for some color loss. The only way to break the record in the rime Challenge mode is to hop a fireball and do a sure-dizzy combo followed by a sure-killing combo. The audio is pretty much what you’d expect — raspy but still the familiar awesome tunes. The voices range from passable to grainy; some seem to have been sampled at higher rates than others. Cammy’s “Thrust Kick” is just awful. With four stars five speed settings total, one more than the SNES , the Genesis version is reasonable fast.

Unfortunately Capcom hasn’t confirmed the existence of codes for more stars, so if you’re a speed demon, you may want to stick with your ten-star Special Champion Edition version.

Any chance this game could have a Super Turbo code? No, according to Capcom. That’s really too bad, because this game should have been the ultimate version of SF. Personally, I would rather have lost the Ryu cinematic and all those lame option modes if I could have gained Super death moves, the new moves in ST, or even just Akuma.

After so many versions of Street Fighter, one initially would have hoped that Super would be the last, the best, and the most complete. Unfortunately, from the looks of things none of those three wishes have come true. Regardless, Super is still Street Fighter, Street Fighter is still the best fighting game ever made, and if you don’t own a SNES, you probably will enjoy a purchase or extended rental of this Genesis product.

The world’s best known not to mention best fighting game finally arrives on 3DO, and it’s a winner! It’s all here, every character, every move, every background, and every grunt, groan and ‘Ha-Ko-Den! It looks great in bit color, sounds great in CD audio, and best of all, there’s not even any wait for access time between rounds – well, ok, there is a little, but not enough to notice or distract you from the action.

The only downside is a slight wonkiness to the controls. The buttons are laid out a bit strange, and that 3DO joypad just doesn’t respond well enough to keep up with SFII pros. Every box does come with an offer for a 3DO compatible six-button controller. But this is really just quibbling. Overall, it’s about the perfect package if you’re looking for that Street Fighter fix and really need it bad. Warning : Do not read any further unless you have access to a major videogame arcade.

There are no official plans at this time to bring Super Street Fighter II to home systems, and we don’t want to torture home players.

Thank you. Although we usually don’t cover arcade games, we think you’ll understand our making this exception – Super Street Fighter 2! That’s right, you heard correctly, and no, this isn’t the same game with the speed turned up. We’re talkin’ new backgrounds, new graphics, new moves, new characters, and more. Got your attention? Thought so. Here’s a sneak peek at the arcade version, but keep in mind that these screens are from the Japanese coin-op version.

In Japan, Balrog is called M. Bison, Vega is Balrog, and M. Bison is Vega. While a home version is practically a sure thing, it’s still way off in the future. Capcom doesn’t have a specific release date yet – or even official word of a translation. But in the meantime, save up those quarters! Dee Jay is a loud and cheerful guy who always has a smile on his face even when he’s asleep , and he’s very conscientious about the way he dresses.

With his natural rhythm and excellent reflexes, he was a professional musician and part-time kickboxer when one day he experienced a special sensation in his kick-boxing rhythm during a match. Now he travels the world in pursuit of this new kind of “music.

Cammy is very fickle and prone to wild mood swings. She can be very self-centered, and she lives mostly in ignorance of the world around her. At 19, Cammy works as a British special agent – her memory goes back only three years, when she was found unconscious in front of the special agency academy. Rescued by the agents, she began training and quickly became a top agent. Her latest mission is to terminate Shadolu’s “bosses”. As she travels the world to accomplish her mission, a surprising truth begins to unfold.

Fei Long is also full of energy – but he’s hot-blooded, reckless, and very emotional. Basically simple minded, he’s easily moved to tears. After years of kung-fu training, he’s become a famous martial-arts star in action movies. But when he learns about the “International Fighting Championship”, Fei Long decides to enter and test his skill. T’Hawk comes across as an unsociable guy, but actually he’s warm-hearted and has great respect for Earth and animals.

He doesn’t like to fight, but once enraged, nothing can stop him. While on his deathbed, T’Hawk’s father told the fighter that his family had been chased from its homeland by the “Shadolu” organization. Now he’s ready to return to the land of his ancestors and reclaim his home from the Shadolu. One new feature is that the dizzies are shown before you even land.

This puts the downed fighter at a disadvantage, since the other player can then back off briefly and do devastating combos. Many power moves are your best defense as well as offense. Perform your move to counter and simultaneously hit. Try a close D. These moves are also great for reversing traps. Moves have more of a recoiling effect. After certain moves, the player is pushed back out of range to prevent cheap combos. Timings and ranges have been altered to make things even.

The theory behind combos is hitting your opponent to prevent them from blocking several moves in succession. For charging moves it’s very important to pull back in the air or you’ll be charged when you land.

Another method is to do an attack that almost goes through your foe and turns around like Honda’s and Zangief’s splash. This is often hard to block if you don’t know what side they are on. One last technique is to trap your opponent by “zoning”. Keep them at a distance where you can always counter and chip away at them.

This is cheap but works well, especially with characters that use projectile weapons. For the first time in the States, four machines will be hooked up in tand and bubble burstersem for eight-player simultaneous competition.

Some sport games have used dual screens, but never have there been four together. Not only will the competition be high, but the quality is supposed to be equally impressive, with computer control and surround sound quality with Q Sound. This new challenge is bound to renew arcade interest in SF II.

Stand-alone versions will be available as well, but the awesome challenge of Tournament Mode is hard to resist. The happy mon from Jamaica is a real contender for the title. His moves are fast, far reaching and damaging. Look for this overall well balanced character to become a quick favorite in your local arcade. She is the only other female world warrior. Don’t let her size fool you – she has air throws, fast ground attacks and her moves do a considerable amount of damage.

Move over Chun, here’s Cammy! This is the next big boy on the block. His moves are devastating. Zangief players may take stock in this power-house that requires real timing in order to defeat enemies. This guy is quick and loaded with combos.

His moves aren’t that damaging, but he makes it up with multiple hits. The only thing he needs is a Fireball! Legal note: Old Games Finder is a search engine and assumes no responsibility for the content of external websites. Copyright infringement DMCA can be messaged on facebook page. Member of Abandonware Ring. By using this website, you agree to our Privacy Policy. All Rights Reserved. Download links are direct.

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