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Vmware fusion pro 10 vs 11 free.VMware Fusion 11, First Take: MacOS and Windows updates restore competitive edge

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AppleInsider may earn an affiliate commission on purchases made through links on our site. VMWare on Thursday announced Fusion 12, the next major update to its virtualization software with support for macOS Big Sur and a host of other changes.

The virtualization software maker originally announced a “tech preview” of its platform in June, and suggested that a future version of its app could be compatible with ARM-based chips.

Fusion 12 doesn’t add support for Apple Silicon chips yet, but the update phases out VMWare’s use of kernel extensions by using new Apple APIs to support its containers and virtual machines. Apple is also currently in the midst of phasing out kernel extensions. There are also improvements in sandbox security and accessibility controls, among other changes. The company is also changing how it charges for VMWare Fusion, opening up the base tier version of Fusion 12 to make it free for personal use.

VMWare hasn’t announced a firm release date for Fusion 12, but said that the update will debut later in Cooking has never been easier. There are now an incredible amount of accessories that will connect to an iPhone to help out people who love to cook — and here are some of our favorites. Apple’s AirTag is at the center of a new lawsuit claiming the tracking device can be too easily used by stalkers to monitor the movements of victims.

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Enhance and simplify your storage architecture with software-defined storage technologies. Site Recovery Manager Fast and reliable disaster recovery software that protects virtualized applications. Virtual Volumes Industry-wide framework that streamlines storage operations and offers freedom of choice.

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Cloud Management Platform. Manage hybrid environments running anything from traditional to container workloads with a unified platform. Make it easy for employees to work anywhere, any time, on any device, without compromising security. Well the good news is that Parallels Desktop 18 has solved these problems that made running the ARM version of Windows so challenging due to it not normally being licensed to individual users.

Parallels now includes the ability to download and buy the ARM version of Windows 11 directly within Parallels itself. Other improvements in version 18 include the ability, on high-end Macs, such as the Mac Studio with its M1 Max and Ultra chips, to configure your virtual machines to use up to 62GB of memory and 18 CPU cores, in order to provide improved performance. The new version includes support for Stage Manager in macOS Ventura, so that your Windows apps will get tucked to the side of the screen alongside all your Mac apps.

For many years, VMware Fusion was in lock-step with Parallels Desktop, with the two rivals releasing regular updates and competing for the top spot in the Mac virtualization market.

In recent years, though, VMware seems to have taken its foot off the pedal and has allowed Fusion to fall behind a bit in fact, you actually have to dig around quite a bit simply to find Fusion on VMware web site these days. The last major update for Fusion was version But, of course, quite a lot has happened in the Mac world since then — including macOS Monterey, and the little matter of an entirely new generation of M1 Macs that use Apple Silicon rather than Intel processors.

The good news is that a new version is apparently in the pipeline: a VMware blog entry in August includes details of the latest Tech Preview. This Tech Preview is available free of charge although, of course, you have to be careful when running any preview or beta software and relying on it for important work projects. In other words, Fusion is in limbo at the moment, although the current Fusion 12 version You can download the Tech Preview for free here. Fusion 12 added support for 3D graphics using both DirectX 11 and OpenGL, giving Fusion users access to a wider range of Windows games, as well as many professional graphics and design applications.

That corporate emphasis probably explains why the company has slowed down development of Fusion — which tends to be more of a personal product for individual users. However, this shift in focus does have one welcome benefit. At the same time as launching Fusion 12, VMware also announced that it would release a free version of the program — called Fusion Player — for personal use only, for home users and students. Windows which launched in July has the potential to really challenge traditional virtualization programs such as Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion.

However, at the moment, Windows is still pretty expensive and is very much aimed at large corporate users, rather than the individuals and smaller businesses that tend to use Parallels and Fusion. Microsoft describes Windows as a Cloud PC, but its technical notes make it clear that Windows is a form of virtual machine. The video image for the Windows desktop on your cloud PC is then streamed to your Mac — or any other device, such as an iPad or even another Windows PC — via your broadband connection.

This form of virtual machine can work well, as long as you have a fast enough — and always on — Internet connection. I got my information from an outdated source. I have now tested the VMware Fusion player and this guide can be used as well. Thanks in advance to those who will answer. Go through the doc carefully and make sure you know what all the options mean. So is there a winner? From my perspective, both work very well.

If you want more assistance setting up a new VM, you may like Parallels better. Categories: MacOS. Does it support the ARM Windows at all at this time? Like Liked by 1 person.

I guess a VM is not comfortable enough to do all day work.. Thanks for this nice writeup.



Vmware fusion pro 10 vs 11 free

The good news is that an ARM version of Windows does exist.


Run Windows 11 using VMware Fusion


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