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CDC’s Latest Anti-Smoking Ads Now Target Vaping, Too

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have long railed against cigarette smoking and tobacco companies. But with their latest ad campaign, th...

Iowa Supreme Court Hears Arguments About Telemedicine Abortion

Telemedicine is a great advancement, especially for people who live in rural communities or who are disabled and cannot regularly travel to a doctor&#...

U.S. Feds Arrest Two Hackers Who Allegedly Exposed 1 Billion Emails to Spam

American authorities have charged three men for their alleged involvement in what is perhaps the largest computer security breach not only in U.S. his...

Butt Implants and Botox Up, Facelifts and Rhinoplasty Down: New Data Reveals 2014 Trends in Plastic Surgery

Do stars like Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez get credit for the latest plastic surgery trend? It’s entirely possible that emulat...

Experts Weigh in on Beach-Inspired Interior Design Advice for the Summer

With the end of winter finally approaching, homeowners are gearing up to inject new life into their homes by redecorating, especially with airy coasta...

Spring’s New Home Decor Trends Include Something Old, Something New, and Even Something Blue

The furniture market in the United States is booming — in fact, it accounts for nearly $63 billion in revenue annually. Now that spring is here,...

Natural Ways to Treat Eczema

Eczema is a difficult and often disfiguring skin disease, in which the complexion becomes inflamed or irritated. As many as 10 – 20% of children...

Lowe’s and Highs: Retail Home Improvement Chain Boasts Increase in Sales and Profits

Things in the home improvement industry seem to be on the up and up.More than half of American homeowners — 53% — agree that now is a go...