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Archive for: December 2015


With Star Wars’ Return, Fans Flock to Tattoo Parlors Nationwide

For Star Wars superfan Matt Savage, seeing the newest installment of the sci-fi franchise in theaters wasn’t enough. The night before the premie...

Texas Oil Company Wants To Build Massive Gravel Island In Federal Arctic Waters

When the U.S. Congress passed a $1.1 trillion spending plan on Friday, Dec. 18, they also officially ended the 40-year-old ban on crude oil exports. T...

New Android Smartphone Could Last Up to 15 Days on Just One Charge

If there’s one major gripe that smartphone users continually have with their phones, it’s the lack of battery life. That might be changing soon, t...

New York City Designers Introduce Stain-Resistant Linen Clothing for Men Just Before the Holidays

Finding the perfect holiday gift for a 20-something man can be difficult, but two New York City designers have created a line of stain-resistant linen...

As Canada Prepares for Influx of Syrian Refugees, Health Experts Note the Importance of Mental Health Services

As Canada prepares to open its doors for even more refugees from Iraq and Syria, health experts have begun warning that the country is facing an uphil...

After Five Years of Legal Battle Ohio’s Stormwater Management Program is Finally in Motion

After a five-year court battle, the Ohio Supreme Court finally put a stop to the efforts put forth by five Ohio communities and the Ohio Council of Re...

Fan Suffering From Hearing Loss Has Dream Answered by Taylor Swift

Hearing loss can be a devastating and debilitating disorder that many people will experience, either short-term or long-term. The thought of life with...