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Archive for: June 2016


Norway Becomes First Country to Prohibit Deforestation

Earlier this month, Norway became the first country to establish a Zero Deforestation procurement policy, prohibiting the clear-cutting of trees. Norw...

Detroit to be Home to Google’s Self-Driving Car Facility

You’ve probably heard of Google’s self-driving car initiative, but did you know that they are taking the developing technology right back ...

Welcome to ‘Awake Dating’: The Dating Site for Conspiracy Theorists

Whether you’re looking to find love for your furry best friend or trying to find The One for yourself, there seems to be a niche dating site for...

Zika Vaccine: ‘We Are Not Close.’

As concerns about the spread of Zika in the United States persist, experts across the country are working fastidiously to help monitor the spread of t...

Is It Time To Call Off the Rio Olympic Games?

From the sky, the world famous beaches of Rio de Janeiro look pristine. Blue waters, white sand, and colorful beach umbrellas dot the shoreline. From ...

Pediatric Dentist’s Mental Competence Under Investigation as He Awaits Trial For Fraud and Child Abuse

A pediatric dentist in Jacksonville, FL, is facing 11 counts of Medicaid fraud. Yet the defense for Dr. Howard S. Schneider, 78, claims that their cli...