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X-rays Show Human Ancestor Lucy May Have Died From Falling Out of a Tree

A new study out of the University of Texas at Austin has proposed a cause of death for our most famous human ancestor, a hominid named Lucy. According...

Police Scotland Approves Hijab for Officers On Duty

Police Scotland announced this week that it would officially incorporate the hijab as an optional part of its uniform for patrol officers. Previously,...

5G Technology Sparks New Concerns About Wireless Radiation Health Effects

With newer and faster 5G wireless technologies looming on the horizon, concerns about the basic safety of cell phone radiation continue to plague cons...

Fashion Company Calls on Internet to Choose How to Run Business

There are approximately 2 billion t-shirts sold globally every year, but one fashion company is about to let the Internet decide how they’re mad...

Identity Theft Leaves Elderly Veteran Homeless

An 87-year-old Navy veteran may lose his home after having his identity stolen. Joe Grooms of Montana said that a man showed up at his door last week ...

Even Young Women Can Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease Through Exercise

Many studies have shown the benefits of exercise for a long and healthy life, but new research emphasizes just how important physical activity can be ...

Deadliest Hot Air Balloon Crash in U.S. History Leaves 16 Dead

Every day more than 8 million people fly, and Americans nationwide are attuned to the risks of air travel. However, what many don’t realize is t...