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Trump’s Presidency Can Have a Large Impact on International and Domestic Adoptions

Donald Trump’s presidency has the potential to drastically change both domestic and international adoptions from their current state. Due to his...

Zika Shown to Damage Fertility In Mice

Small pests and bugs can inflict a surprising amount of damage. A homeowner who finds termite damage is likely to spend upwards of $3,000 to repair it...

New Jersey Woman Fired After Revealing Breast Cancer Diagnosis

A woman in New Jersey is suing her former employer, claiming that she was fired after revealing that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Carmel...

Ohio Man Arrested for 16th Drunk Driving Charge

More than 1.1 million Ohio residents have at least one conviction for drinking and driving. One Ohio man in particular, however, has just been arreste...

Has the Smartphone Actually Made Our Roads Less Safe? Some Researchers Are Skeptical

The abundance of technology in today’s society, coupled with a rise in traffic fatalities, draws an obvious conclusion: smartphone use and distr...