Deciding Which Pet to Get in Your Apartment

In this video, you will learn about pet friendly student apartments. The joy you get from owning a pet is unmatched. However, apartments have space constraints that might not be good for all animals. Interacting with animals improves your mood.

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If you are a homeowner, make sure you have dog-friendly homeowners insurance. However, you don’t have to live in a house to enjoy a pet. Cats are the number one choice for apartment living. 40 million households have cats. Cats are great at making the most of your space. Dogs are the most popular household pets. They have the added benefit of getting you out and about. Smaller dogs do well in the apartment enviornent. Fish are a popular apartment pet. They only require daily maintenance. Birds are compact and hands-on pets. They can be entertaining, but they do come with needs. They do not do well alone. These are factors to consider. Hamsters are good or apartments. Keep in mind, most rodents do better in pairs. Reptiles are another popular apartment pet. They are quiet and can exist in small spaces. Choosing the best pet is going to depends on the restrictions of your apartment and the size of your space.

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