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Archive for: July 2014


Green Tea Extract Combats Chronic Dry Mouth

Chronic dry mouth is a condition that affects approximately 40 percent of all Americans, but researchers haven’t been able to find a simple and affo...

Even With Repairs, Poor Apartment Maintanence Drives Tenants Away

Residents of an apartment in De Moines, Iowa were saved from from eviction today by a massive home improvement project, but the future of the buildin...

Decline of Atlantic City’s Casino Industry Could Mean Las Vegas is Next

As the casinos of Atlantic City face ever-growing crises, the rest of the country’s gambling industry is showing concern of what will come next....

Safety Advocates Push for Drivers to Receive Sleep Apnea Testing

Last December, one of New York City’s MTA trains was going three times as fast as normal and, when taking a turn too quickly, slipped off the ra...

New Survey Indicates That Whiter Teeth are a Wedding Day Must Have

Is there a new “must have” for brides to be? According to a survey conducted by Bupa Dental, one of the latest trends among brides is whit...

Google Takes Another Crack at the Smart TV

During Google’s I/O keynote last week, the tech industry mammoth not only announced the new Android TV, but also made the companion app availab...