New Survey Indicates That Whiter Teeth are a Wedding Day Must Have

Is there a new “must have” for brides to be? According to a survey conducted by Bupa Dental, one of the latest trends among brides is whitening teeth.

The study showed that a full 25% of brides surveyed planned on getting their teeth professionally whitened¬†before their wedding. It’s not just brides, though — 20% of grooms also reported that they would be getting a brighter smile in preparation of the big day.

There’s a few reasons that white teeth are becoming a trendy indulgence for weddings — and these same reasons explain why it’s likely to remain popular for many years to come. The cost is one main draw.¬†While $200 might be more expensive than a manicure, it’s far less than the average wedding cake, which will tally about $450. And unlike the manicure and the cake, the effect of a teeth whitening treatment lasts for months, not days.

It’s also worth noting that, for many couples, their wedding day will be one of the most photographed days of their entire lives. And who wants to look back at those photographs in 30 years and notice yellow teeth? Thanks to the effects of coffee, smoking, soda, and other common teeth staining agents, many couples are choosing to make sure that their wedding day smile is a flattering one by whitening up. “A smile you want to show off is an accessory that will last a lifetime,” says Dr. Steve Preddy, the clinical director of Bupa Dental.

The Bupa Dental study also found that some people are willing to go even further in their quest for great wedding day teeth, with 10% of those surveyed saying that they plan on getting their teeth straightened prior to the event. Many studies have previously noted the rising popularity of adult orthodontia treatment, and the wedding trend appears to feed into this.

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