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Ground Sinking in Seattle’s Pioneer Square Neighborhood Threatens Bookstore, Herb Shop

Water damage caused by ground settlement is¬†threatening a number of small lifestyle businesses¬†throughout Seattle, WA’s Pioneer Square neighbo...

New Poll Reveals Patients Don’t Always Choose the Right Medical Treatment

With the winter holiday season in full swing, hospital emergency rooms often experience an influx of patients with seasonal injuries from decking the ...

Bono Seen Out For First Time Since Central Park Bike Accident

U2 lead singer Bono was seen out and about on the streets of Dublin this past Saturday for the first time since his serious November bicycle crash in ...

How New Yorkers Are Getting Creative With Their Nuptials

There’s no place on earth quite like New York City — to get married. When some 180 marriages take place on any given day in the Big Apple,...

Death, Disaster, or Black Friday: What’s Behind the Increase in Self-Storage Facilities in the U.S.?

Drive down any highway or boulevard in the United States, and you’re bound to see at least one of them sprawled across a large lot of land. No, ...

Connecticut High School Evacuates Students into the Cold After E-Cig Using Teens Set Off Fire Alarm

A Westport, CT, high school was evacuated on Tuesday, Dec. 9, after two students set off a smoke alarm. Such occurrences are common in high schools wh...

Back to Basics: The Increasing Popularity of Bushcraft and Lumberjacking

Yes, real lumberjacks do exist, and they’re making the cut in modern society. It may seem hard to believe that lumberjacks have a place in today...

Obama’s Immigration Reform Could Allow Millions of Immigrants Access to Social Security, Medicare

Many Americans probably found themselves sitting at Thanksgiving dinner this year, trapped in a “discussion” about President Obama’s...

GM Announces Investments for 2015, Including Multi-Million Dollar Heating Facility

With all of the financial problems General Motors has experienced in recent years, it’s almost surprising that the company hasn’t exhauste...