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Archive for: March 2016


Non-Tech Companies Cause Commotion at South By Southwest

Austin’s 30th annual film and music festival, South by Southwest, wrapped up this past Sunday. In addition to the keynote speakers, music, movie...

Canadian Kayak Manufacturer Opening New Facility in Quebec

Non-traditional sports and activities have seen great growth in recent years. While basketball, football and other “ball” sports still dom...

Pizza Delivery Services of the Near Future Are Like Something Out of a Sci-Fi movie

According to a recent article over at IGN, Domino’s Pizza has recently unveiled ex-military cybernetics technology,¬†which is being used to deli...

Pennsylvania Landlord Blames Tenants for Ongoing Property Issues That Led to His Building Being Condemned

The plight of the apartment tenant is well-documented, and most people tend to complain about their landlord. However, one Pennsylvania landlord is sp...

Yellowstone Grizzly Bears Officially Off Endangered Species List, Onto Hunting Lists

When gray wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park and the Northern Rockies, it was the start of one of the greatest conservation stori...

A Donald Trump Campaign Bus Was Hijacked By Anti-Trump Protesters

To the casual observer, it might seem like American liberals and conservatives don’t have anything in common anymore. But no matter which party ...

Brandi Chastain Will Donate Her Brain to Concussion Research

American soccer star Brandi Chastain recently announced that she will be donating her brain to science to benefit concussion research. Specifically, s...

Chinese Endangered Gazelle Killed By Spiked Fences Meant To Protect Their Ecosystem

In the grasslands of northwestern China, a measure intended to protect wildlife is doing more harm than good.The endangered Przewalski gazelle has bee...