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Archive for: September 2016


Companies Are Experimenting With Paid Vacation and Seeing Surprising Results

Approximately 37% of families reported that vacations made them happier. Fortunately, companies are beginning to recognize just how important vacation...

Study Suggests Trophy Hunting Can Actually Help Preserve Lion Population

It may be a difficult concept for animal-lovers to accept, but a recent study has shown that trophy hunting may actually help preserve existing lion p...

Heating Malfunction at Canadian Kennel Kills 14 Dogs

A heating malfunction at a Canadian pet daycare and boarding facility led to the death of 14 dogs last Saturday. According to the Saskatchewan kennel,...

Despite Pollution, China Could Take the Lead in Global Sustainability

Teflon was first applied to cookware in the late 1950s by a French engineer named Marc Gregoire, and since then, it’s taken off. However, some o...

Bans on Direct Auto Sales Inconvenience Consumers

Tesla has to fight Missouri lawmakers, yet again, in order to continue business in the state. On Aug. 31, a judge ruled that Tesla can no longer bypas...

Billboards Still Thrive in the Digital Age

In this increasingly digitized world, social media has been a boon to businesses from every industry. With the click of a button, marketing campaigns ...

Saskatchewan Introduces Biometric System to Fight ID Fraud

Identity theft represents one of the fastest growing industries, worth nearly $50 billion a year, and 90% of ID thefts use printed sources rather than...