Bans on Direct Auto Sales Inconvenience Consumers

People can get a lot of useful information on all car sites and all car buying websites. Buyers can get both new and used cars from an all in one dealership and all car lots.
Most of these websites will include almost every relevant statistic related to each vehicle. It’s now common for people to look at the cars that they want on automotive websites before they officially visit the car dealerships.
The people who approach car shopping this way will not have to ask the sales associates as many questions when they get there. Drivers will have the chance to see the cars for themselves and test drive those vehicles.
Automotive websites feature images of cars from different angles, but evaluating the cars that way is still difficult. After people have read about the cars on those websites, they can ask the sales associates very informed questions. They’ll also be able to focus more on interacting with the vehicle itself.
Some of the used cars at any high-quality dealership will be almost indistinguishable from completely new cars. Lightly used cars will have more miles on them than cars that were never used, but drivers usually won’t notice a difference when they operate those vehicles.

When it comes to buying a car, there are many different things to keep in mind. There are currently bans on direct auto sales in some areas, which creates some inconvenience for consumers. Knowing what you can do and what type of insurance you need can really make a difference.

Many auto insurance carriers have insurance specific to the type of car insurance personal property coverage that each person needs. Auto insurance is essential and accidental damage car insurance is one of the most common and most beneficial types of insurance you can have.

Your car insurance on financed vehicles may be different from a car that you own, and your car insurance policy coverage is sure to change based on what coverage you might need. Car insurance is required by law, even if you own the car outright. Take the time to adjust coverage as needed based on your vehicle’s overall value.

Tesla has to fight Missouri lawmakers, yet again, in order to continue business in the state. On Aug. 31, a judge ruled that Tesla can no longer bypass local dealerships and sell to customers directly.

In 2014, legislators attempted to pass a bill that banned direct auto sales in Missouri. The business model that Tesla founder Elon Musk believes in, argues that the middle man is no longer necessary in the digital age. By marketing to consumers online directly, there is one less set of hands on the vehicle and less capital needed to front for huge showrooms.

After Tesla owners protested by parking their electric cars in front of the Missouri Capitol building, the bill died.

Since companies like Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, and more need to provide showrooms for their vehicles, they believe it’s not fair to allow Tesla to continue marketing straight to the consumer. As a result, Missouri lawmakers vowed to protect the interests of the dealerships, by pushing another bill banning direct auto sales. This time, they succeeded.

The ban on direct sales protects franchise dealerships, but the Federal Trade Commission argues that the law hurts both competitors and consumers.

Buying cars from a dealership often comes with hidden costs and fluctuating prices. The concept of dealerships came around when Henry Ford went into business, and it made more sense for a network of authorized dealers to sell the vehicles for him, increasing clientele. Now, the essence of Fordism has disintegrated, and the consumer no longer controls the way the cars are marketed: the lobbyists do.

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Buying a vehicle is extremely expensive. In fact, 43% of drivers finance their vehicles. Purchasing a vehicle through a dealership comes with hidden costs, while if one were to purchase from a dealership directly, there are no inflated rates or hassle.

Lawmakers from other states have imposed even stricter laws to control Tesla sales. In 2014, Michigan passes a franchise law that didn’t allow Tesla to form dealerships in the state. Any Michigan resident that wishes to buy a Tesla has to pick it up out-of-state. Cleveland and Columbus, OH are the closest destinations for a Detroit driver.

One of the most intimidating things a person can try and do on their own is search for a new or used vehicle to buy. Auto sales in general can be a trying, complicated, and terrifying experience. This is especially true when you do not know what specifically you are looking for or what you need. Searching online auto shopping websites can be a good way to get some ideas of what is available and what you may or may not like in your vehicle. Naturally, you want the best deal you can get your hands on and bargain finder cars and vehicles can be the tantalizing goal but it is important to remember that quality is always paramount when looking for a vehicle. The best car dealer sites will be the ones with clear pricing, upfront fee disclosure, responsive staff, and a range of other services and warranty options to add on to your purchase. It can be hard to know at times if you are getting the best car options and prices available so be sure to do your research and shop around before you make your final choice and find a vehicle for you and your family.

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