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Man Dies After Nut-Based Sandblasting Is Used in Fire Hall

Slips and falls are said to be the number one cause of accidents in hotels, public building, and restaurants. They’re extremely common in the wo...

New Tech-Based Erectile Dysfunction Company Has 26-Year-Old At the Helm

There are over 300 million men with reported cases of erectile dysfunction throughout the United States, and a booming industry to help these men recl...

Mythbusters: 3 Reasons Why Private Universities Aren’t as Expensive as You Think

When you think of private education, you may think of tuition costs that skyrocket. However, most college and universities are actually quite affordab...

Negative Lights Being Shined On England’s Dental Industry

Companies across the globe try and take advantage of people’s health in order to make a quick buck. Sports drinks, for instance, market their pr...

How Did Detroit’s Punter Sam Martin Injure His Foot? We May Never Know

Skateboarding is a dangerous sport. Actually, sports are dangerous sports, but skateboarding is especially dangerous. About 11 million people self-rep...

Drones Have Entered the Home Security Market

Home burglaries have been a serious issue for centuries. Though it was much easier to sneak into a neighbor’s home a few hundred years ago, home...

Hospitals Seeing Increase in Treatment Resistant Strep Throat

In the Goldendale community, Klickitat Valley Health (KVH) is reporting an unusually high number of strep throat cases in the past year. Even more ala...