Drones Have Entered the Home Security Market

Home burglaries have been a serious issue for centuries. Though it was much easier to sneak into a neighbor’s home a few hundred years ago, home burglaries still happen on a consistent basis in the United States. In fact, three out of four U.S. homes will be broken into at least once within the next two decades.

Luckily, technology is doing its best to keep up with these efficient criminals and a new form of home security could work wonders in the fight against burglaries.

According to Digital Trends, Aevena’s Aire is the first self-flying robot designed specially for home security.

A police survey found that approximately 85% of respondents believe that having some sort of home monitoring system helps prevent burglary attempts. If a stationary surveillance camera can do great against preventing criminals from breaking into a home, a high-tech flying robot will certainly do the trick.

“Unlike typical drones, which are optimized for outdoor flight, Aire is meant to be operated around people so we focused on safety, approachability, industrial design, and user experience with an emphasis on sound quality,” said Jeffrey Tseng, the creator of Aire. “With this in mind, we decided to go with a flight platform called a ducted fan, which is far more complex than a quadcopter … we added processors, sensors and software very similar to what you would find in a self-driving car to enable intelligent behaviors.”

The Aire will be able to fly around a home or business and investigate any suspicious activity or security alerts. Additionally, the Aire can take photos of whatever is in sight (if you request it to do so) and can constantly search for anomalies inside the home.

“After the initial launch, we will continue to add additional capabilities to allow it to address more use cases,” added Tseng.

According to Digital Journal, thanks to high-tech devices like the Aire, the global home automation market is expected to reach $75.2 billion over the next five years until 2022.

Though the entertainment sector is projected to experience the highest growth during the next few years, home security will likely be right behind it — especially if burglaries continue to occur at the same rate they are currently happening.

It looks like it will take a few years before these security drones are found in the majority of U.S. homes. For now, it seems like the best way to ensure complete home protection is to still have traditional home security systems like strong locks and doors, and implementing new technologically advanced surveillance systems.

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