1000th Issue of ‘Action Comics’ To Be Released in April

This April, the 1,000th issue of “Action Comics” will be released. It will feature the first DC story written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Jim Lee. Additionally, it will feature the long-awaited return of Superman’s classic costume.

An astounding 3.76 million children in America choose to dress up as their favorite superhero for Halloween, and Superman is always a popular choice. But the Superman costume always varies, and true fans are excited to see the return of his original red trunks.

DC Comics has been adjusting Superman’s notorious costume for years now. Because Superman’s red trunks were considered old-fashioned, DC staff had been looking for an excuse to modernize the patriotic costume. Because of this, Superman’s costume has been tweaked multiple times. But the release of this notable comic book issue calls for a return to the classic costume, with just a touch of his modern look.

This special issue marks the first time a comic book has released 1,000 issues. The release date, April 18, is to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the release of “Action Comics” No. 1, which featured Superman on the cover.

“The one-thousandth issue of ‘Action Comics’ is an incredible milestone in pop culture and a testament to the vision of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster,” said Dan DiDio, DC publisher. “Without this book, along with Siegel and Shuster’s fertile imaginations and boundless creativity, the superhero’s place in literature may have been wildly different, if not altogether nonexistent.”

Additionally, this issue will include 15-page stories from regular “Superman Comics” writer Peter J. Tomasi and artist Pat Gleason, and “Action Comics” writer and artist Dan Jurgens.

And to sweeten the deal, the comic book will also feature previously unpublished art from Curt Swan, who many consider the definitive look for Superman throughout comics’ Golden and Silver ages. The artwork will be accompanied by Marv Wolfman’s script based on the content.

Creative contributors include movie director Richard Donner, New York Times best-selling writer Geoff Johns, Olivier Coipel, Paul Dini, José Luis García-López, Tom King, Clay Mann, Jordie Bellaire, Brad Meltzer, John Cassaday, Laura Martin, Louise Simonson, Jerry Ordway, Scott Snyder, Tim Sale, and even more.

While fans are impatiently waiting for the release of this celebratory comic book, it’s just the beginning. The entire month of April will recognize this milestone with a series of Superman-themed covers and more memorabilia.

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