Bleeding Gums Require Attention: One Dentist’s Two-Step Formula for Relief

Bleeding gums are a pretty common occurrence in the sense that many people regularly suffer from them. That does not, however, make the phenomenon “normal,” according to registered dental hygienist Lauren Gardner. Writing in a recent piece for the dental and oral hygiene site, Gardner noted that bleeding gums are a tell-tale sign of a bigger issue, such as periodontal disease.

“I tell them to think of bleeding as an inflammatory response,” Gardner wrote. “Their gums are trying to fight off infection, and it’s important to stop it and prevent it from recurring. Bleeding gums should not be taken lightly, as they may be associated with an underlying systemic condition.”

Regular brushing and flossing are the best ways to combat periodontal diseases, like gingivitis, but Gardner also recommends a specific two-step system for brushing to really take your oral cavity health to the next level.

Considering almost half (47.2%) of adults 30 and over have some form of periodontal disease, it might be worth noting now even for those who don’t suffer from bleeding gums today. The condition can also lead to more complications like heart disease and diabetes.

The two-step system involves brushing with two different types of toothpaste for one minute each, no rinsing in between. The first brush should be with an anti-plaque and anti-gingivitis paste with high bioavailable stannous fluoride. The second step is to immediately brush for another minute with a 3% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel.

Doing this protects the teeth and gums against gingivitis, and it also whitens and brightens teeth (something everyone can appreciate). Regularly using higher dose fluoride toothpaste of 5000 ppm, compared to the standard adult strength of 1450 ppm fluoride, reduces the instance of white spot lesions in patients by 9% (from 27% to 18%).

Gardner and her associates recently conducted a case study on this process using Crest Pro-Health HD. She claims they saw “substantial” benefits when it came to patients with gingivitis. Gardner also gave examples of clinical research that has been done in this area with similar results.

“If your hair bled every time you brushed it, would you think that was normal?” Gardner asked rhetorically. “I’m sure they’d say no, and ask me what I recommend to reduce bleeding gums. My answer? Brush twice daily with Crest Pro-Health HD and floss daily.”

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