Cambodian TV Host Seeks Justice After Brutal Act of Violence

When it comes to real estate and home improvement, statistics show that 36% of all remodeling jobs are damage repairs. Though expensive, making a repair will ultimately increase the real estate value of your home and make living a more pleasant, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable experience.

But for Cambodian real estate tycoon Sok Bun, it’s going to take a lot more than a remodeling job to fix the damage he’s done.

In a surveillance video recording, taking place on July 7, Bon was seen violently beating his girlfriend, Ek Socheata, in the middle of a restaurant. In the video, Bun can be seen making advances on another female, who is allegedly Socheata’s friend. When Socheata attempts to intervene, Bun violently lashes out at her, repeatedly kicking her in the face and skull with the aid of his body guard. The waiter can be seen attempting to break up the brawl.

The video is about a minute and a half long and has been received by Cambodians in outrage.

Now, Bun is pleading for leniency.

According to police, Bun fled to Singapore the day after the violent act. To keep Socheata quiet, Bun originally presented her with a $40,000 bribe, which quickly skyrocketed to $200,000. Socheata released a statement that she will not accept the money until the case goes to court.

To further demonstrate his public appeal for leniency, the real estate tycoon resigned from his position as director of a major property company, and has stepped down from his title as “okhna.” Okhna is an honorific status in Cambodia awarded to those in business who are committed to using their wealth for the greater good. He also issued a letter of apology, released via his family.

But Socheata, a well known Cambodian television host, isn’t interested in his apologetic gestures. The only interest she has is making sure that Bun gets served the justice he deserves.

This brutal act of assault is unfortunately a commonplace occurrence in Cambodia, as the country is notorious for its all too lax domestic violence laws, and its lack of resources for victims of assault. Perhaps this horrific act will serve as an unfriendly reminder to Cambodian citizens of the ugly face of assault within the Southeast Asian country.

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