Coca-Cola’s New ‘2nd Lives’ Campaign Gives Plastic Bottles a New Lease on Life

Carbonated drinks in plastic bottlesFor many, Coca-Cola isn’t just a soft drink brand, it’s a lifestyle. And now, the soda giant’s latest campaign challenges consumers to incorporate the Coke brand into even more facets of their lives.

Through Coca-Cola’s new “2nd Lives” campaign, Coca-Cola invented 16 different kinds of bottle caps that turn the empty soda bottles into usable objects. To launch the campaign, Coke released a video of people in Vietnam, joyfully utilizing their new spray bottles, squirt bottles, bubble blowers, and more.

Hands sticky from drinking a Coke? No problem! Use this Coke bottle to dispense your soap. Baby too amped up from a 16 oz. bottle of sugar and carbonation? Also not an issue, since the campaign has produced a Coca-Cola rattle that will soothe even the most raging sugar highs.

The campaign was created with the help of Ogilvy and Mather China, and according to Adweek, is part of a larger effort to get people in Vietnam to recycle more.

As part of the campaign, Coca-Cola is sending out 40,000 of these repurposed caps, in hopes that empty Coke bottles will instead become invaluable treasures.

In addition to promoting a greener planet, Coca-Cola’s representatives say the campaign is also about making people happy. “We have created fun tools with Coke bottle tops, bringing small moments of happiness into people’s lives,“ said Graham Find, the chief creative officer of Ogilvy and Mather China.

Perhaps this new endeavor, that asks, “What if empty Coke bottles were never thrown away?” will get Americans thinking as well. With 94% of Americans having access to recycled plastic, and another 40% able to recycle other types of plastic containers, perhaps it’s time for all of us to take the same kind of green initiatives and to repurpose our plastic products.

And if you ask Coca-Cola, doing so will make the world a happier and more useful place.

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