First Anniversary Sees Bride Cancer-Free

Another viral story has hit the internet, but this one is a genuinely great story that will leave you with a smile on your face. Last July, a couple — Keri and Tony — got married at Space Mountain in Disneyland, promising in their vows to be “together in sickness and in health.” Unfortunately, that vow was put to the test almost immediately, as Keri was forced to fight a diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

Now, a year later, the couple has returned to Space Mountain to celebrate not just their first anniversary, but also Keri’s remission.

Celebrating both their marriage and Keri’s health was very important to everyone involved. Jenna Henderson, who works for White Rabbit Photo Boutique, was their wedding photographer last year, and was of course thrilled to be back with the couple for their anniversary at Tomorrowland.

“The amazing thing about Keri, is that she kept positive throughout the entire year,” the photographer wrote. “When her friends and family use the hashtag #keristrong, they weren’t kidding.”

Weddings, which are generally the biggest party of a woman’s life– the floral industry alone is worth upwards of $7 billion a year— always hold significance, but this happy couple may be even happier now than when they first said “I do.”

The wedding and anniversary were both spent at Space Mountain for a special reason which is near and dear to Keri.

“Sometimes before her chemo, Tony or her parents would ask how she wanted to spend the day. If she felt up to it, she would tell them to drive her to Disneyland,” Henderson explained. “If she was having a good day, she would go on Space Mountain.”

The cast at Space Mountain also played their part in making their day special, saying they “threw in a little extra pixie dust for these two.”

The internet had responded with a lot of enthusiasm, with encouraging statements and well wishes toasting to many more years of marriage.


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