Fix and Flip: The Art of Fixing Up Your Home

Many people like glass doors within a home because they achieve a certain aesthetic. The bathroom is no exception. The truth is that many people like bathroom doors to be made of glass, even if it is frosted glass so that the doors are not completely transparent. These promote a certain aesthetic, and they eliminate the problems that are associated with other types of barriers, such as shower curtains that can end up accumulating mildew.

The average time to remodel a bathroom will depend on the type of bathroom you have. For example, a basic bathroom will take less time to remodel in most cases than a company bath and bathroom. You can find a bath and shower company that can meet your needs as long as you do all the appropriate research. There are many companies in your area that are likely to provide this kind of service, and you need to find one, such as a basic bathroom company that will give you the type of bathroom remodeling you want. In addition, it is important to consider your budget in this process. You need to work within what you are able to afford, and you need to find a company that is willing to comply with it.

Fixing your house and having it look appealing once more is a critical decision. The process demands good planning to bring desired results. Several reasons may drive you to remodel your home. The bathroom especially makes an important part of your home. There is a need to make it look amazing and serve the right purpose.

Considering the time you spend in the bathroom, it is necessary to ensure the room is in the right state. If you find out that the shower is not working, find a company specializing in bathroom remodel.

Make inquiries from the comfort of your home on the average price of shower remodel to budget for the project. Different remodeling companies charge differently. With this in mind, consult various companies to get an average price to remodel a small bathroom.

After settling for the average renovation cost bathroom, look at the remodeling ideas available. Compare on several companies’ websites to see the previous projects undertaken by the companies. The next step is finding out the average time to remodel a bathroom.

A remodeling project demands that you have an alternative when the area being remodeled is under renovation. For a modern bathroom look, seek glass and mirror installation services from experienced remodeling companies.

Are you looking around at your home and thinking, “Wow, this could use some TLC?” If so, then it’s time to plan a strategy for flipping your house. House flipping and repair may seem intimidating at first, but it isn’t if you plan it out properly. It takes time, money, and effort to flip your home. The last thing you’d want is to start a project, just for it to fall through due to a lack of funds or labor.

So, what can you do to better prepare yourself for the task ahead? Here are ten tips for fixing up your home.

Set a Budget

One of the first things to do when fixing up your home is to set a budget for your renovations. You may want to flip your house all at once, but that can get expensive quickly. While you should invest money into fixing your home, you shouldn’t spend your entire savings. Overspending on projects can stress you out and even cut into your ROI if you plan on selling your home.

Instead, set a reasonable budget for your renovations. You should budget for things like materials and labor. It’s also wise to set aside some money in case projects don’t come together properly. It’s better to overbudget and have money left over than be under budget and scramble to find the money for unexpected projects. If you need help planning a budget, talk with a family member or friend who flipped their house and get their advice. You could also talk with professional house flippers to get an estimate for your projects.

Prioritize Your Projects

fixing up your home

Once you have your budget set, the next step in fixing up your home is to prioritize your projects. It can be overwhelming to fix up your home with so many projects to tackle. A good way to spread out your time and effort with your projects is to prioritize them. Prioritizing your projects will allow you to spread your projects out over time and save up money for your upcoming projects.

You can prioritize your projects in several ways. For instance, you could prioritize them based on importance to your home’s overall structure. If your home’s plumbing, air circulation system, or foundation needs repair, you’ll want to get them fixed right away. These are fixtures that are essential to your home’s function so if they don’t function properly, they could cause issues down the road. Plus, if these fixtures aren’t fixed, they could decrease the value of your home when you try to sell it.

Talk to people who can help you complete these priority projects in a timely fashion. Call local plumbing contractors, foundation repair experts, and other professionals who can help get these important projects done.

Update Important Fixtures

One of the most important aspects of fixing up your home is updating the important fixtures. These fixtures are things that make your home function properly, such as your HVAC system, foundation, and roof. These are structures that are essential to your home’s function and need to be properly maintained for safety and structural reasons.

Make sure you keep up with proper HVAC maintenance and update other important fixtures. If there are cracks in the foundation, make sure those cracks are sealed. If your hot water heater is busted, fix that before working on cosmetic issues in the house. Updating these important fixtures may not yield the most aesthetically pleasing results, but they will make your home function properly. Plus, updated important fixtures can make your home’s value go up once you decide to sell.

Fix the Roof

fixing up your home

Be sure to make your roof a priority when fixing up your home. Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home. It helps keep your home’s structure upright and prevents debris and bad weather from entering your home. As our home ages, our roof ages too. Due to its age, there could be issues festering in the roof. If it’s an older roof, it could have leaks and cracks that impact its function. Plus, if your roof leaks it could cause severe water damage to your home, which can add additional costs to your renovation budget. Water can seep into the home’s structural beams and walls and cause damage, which could cost you thousands of dollars.

Fixing a roof can be a hard project to tackle if you’ve never done it before. If you want to get your roof fixed, consider hiring a professional roofing company to take on the project. Since your roof is such an important part of your home’s structure, you want to make sure the job is done right. Sure, you could save some money on labor doing it yourself, but if the job isn’t done right you could end up spending more on repairs than you intended. Don’t skip on professional help when it comes to this project. The more quality help you get, the better the project will turn out.

Replace the Floors

When you’re fixing up your home, something you can do to add a lot of value is replacing the floors. For instance, adding hardwood flooring can increase your home’s value by 2.5%. If you do it right, this renovation can end up paying for itself once you sell your home.

There are many options to consider for replacing your floors during a home flip. You could install hardwood floors, but typically installing hardwood floors comes with a high price tag. If you’re looking for a less expensive option, you could always install laminate flooring. Laminate floors are made of synthetic material and made to look like different types of wood. With this kind of flooring, you can achieve the look you want without having to break your renovation budget.

Laminate flooring can be easy to install by yourself, but if you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself, you could look into hiring laminate floor installers. They’ll help you install the floors properly and make sure your project gets done on time. You can also hire professionals who can help you install real hardwood flooring or tile flooring.

Upgrade Small Fixtures

Sometimes upgrading the smallest fixtures in your home can make the biggest difference, especially to potential buyers. When you’re flipping your home, consider upgrading smaller fixtures such as door handles on entry doors, crown molding, and bathroom or kitchen backsplash. These smaller fixtures could be the difference between a buyer making an offer and looking at another listing.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when upgrading small fixtures around the house. For starters, make sure the fixtures match your home’s decor and theme. The more cohesive your home looks, the better. Also, think of your target buyer when updating these fixtures. Millennials make up 35% of the homebuyer market, and if you want a Millennial to buy your home, you’ll need to appeal to their taste. Do your research on what kinds of home trends your target buyer is interested in as you’re flipping your house. The more details you get right, the more likely your home will be bought by your target buyer. The small fixtures are small but meaningful details that can seal the deal.

Invest In Lighting

fixing up your home

The right lighting can increase the value of your home. While you’re fixing up your home, take the time to research and invest in lighting. If your home is too dark or too bright, it could set the wrong tone for your home’s aesthetic. Instead, find a happy medium to create a welcoming and comforting environment. You can achieve this look through ceiling lights, recessed lights, or even strategically placed lamps.

You may have to rewire your home in order to get the lighting you want. Keep this in mind as you’re planning out your home renovation budget and timeline. Rewiring your home could take anywhere from three to ten days and could cost between $1,500 and $10,000. Be sure the wiring is up to code and that a licensed electrician is doing the wiring. You should also contact your home insurance agency to get a refresher on what is covered and what isn’t in your home insurance policy. If something were to happen due to a wiring issue, you want to make sure it’s covered.

Pave the Driveway

When you’re fixing up your home, you want to complete projects that you can afford and that can give you a good ROI. If you have the time and money for it, take the initiative to pave your driveway if it isn’t already paved. Paving the driveway can add value to your home, especially if you’re in an area where the houses don’t have a lot of paved driveways.

There are multiple options for materials you can choose to pave your driveway with. You could pave it with cement, asphalt, or even brick. You should pick a material that you can afford and that will last you a long time. Depending on how big your driveway is, it could cost thousands of dollars to get the whole driveway paved. You want to invest this money into a project you know will pay off down the line and will last.

Since paving the driveway is a big project to take on, you’ll want to hire professionals to do it. Look into companies near you that do asphalt driveway paving or other forms of paving for driveways. It takes time, money, and effort to get your driveway paved, which means you want to make sure it gets done correctly.

Invest In a Pool

A pool can be a powerful feature to add to your home while you’re fixing it up. An inground pool can increase your home’s value anywhere from five to eight percent. Plus, it can be a unique feature that’s a major selling point for homebuyers. If you’re one of the few houses in the neighborhood that has a pool, you could get some serious attention from potential buyers.

It’s important to know what kind of pool you want to install in your yard. You could get an inground pool, an above ground pool, or you could even get your own custom pool made if you have the money. If you install an inground pool, you could also install a waterfall or a slide with it to give it valuable extra features. Be careful though, because installing a pool can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Make sure you have the time and budget to dedicate to this project before you start it.

Keep Up the Landscaping

Part of fixing up your home is fixing up your yard, too. Make it a priority to properly maintain the landscaping and keep your yard intact while you’re working on your home. Your home can be the best flipped house in the area, but if it’s curb appeal is lacking it could tarnish your hard work.

You can avoid this issue by maintaining your yard and keeping up with landscape design. Make sure any holes in the yard are filled in, plant new grass, and start gardens. If there are overgrown trees or bushes, trim them down and get rid of the excess branches. The better you maintain your yard, the better your curb appeal will be.

You can also look into fence installation when you’re working on the yard. Homebuyers may look for homes that have fences if they have pets or children, so having fencing along your home could attract more buyers.

fixing up your home

There are a lot of projects you can take on when fixing up your home. It may seem like an overwhelming process at first, but the key is to take it one step at a time. Focus on one specific project and make sure it gets done correctly before moving on to the next one. Before you know it, you’ll be crossing projects off your to-do list and getting ready to unveil your new house. Whether you decide to live in it for a while or sell it right away, you can sleep knowing you did the job correctly and with calculated effort and planning.


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