Former Dentist Files Lawsuit Against Youtuber for Video Highlighting Abuse

Dental treatmentGordon Trent Austin, a dentist based in Carrollton, Georgia, was indicted in 2009 on multiple accounts of battery and assault. The charges were brought after patients came forward to say the man had performed a dental procedure on them and didn’t give them a proper amount of anesthesia to numb the pain. When the patients screamed in pain or resisted, he would then proceed to hit them across the face with a heavy metal object and subsequently tell them to, “shut up” and “stop it.”

Multiple dental assistants employed by his practice came forward and admitted to witnessing multiple occasions of such abuse, leading to the arrest and indictment of the dentist. His license to practice dentistry was revoked by the state of Georgia the same year.

According to, the man was also charged with committing Medicaid fraud, to which he pleaded guilty in exchange for the other charges being dropped.

With five million Americans getting their wisdom teeth removed each year, dental procedures are a common occurrence for most people. For Austin’s patients, a trip to the dentist turned into assault, leading to a widely publicized case.

Yet after the dentist’s arrest in 2009, an anonymous YouTube user posted a video of the news story that aired following the indictment. According to Ars Technica, Austin has recently filed a lawsuit against the anonymous poster, claiming the video is “defamatory and intentionally interferes with his business.”

The circumstances leading to the former dentist finding said video remains unclear.

After the lawsuit was filed, a famous first amendment attorney has offered to fight the lawsuit, claiming the statute of limitations has passed on the allegations and that there is no evidence the video defamed Austin in any way.

A judge is scheduled to hear arguments in the case starting Feb. 23.

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