Good Samaritan Woman Searches for Owner of Wedding and Engagement Rings Left in Dublin Pub Bathroom

A good Samaritan in Dublin has found someone’s missing wedding and engagement rings, and they could be worth as much as €4,000 ($4,370 USD).

Amanda McKiernan was enjoying a drink at the Hole in the Wall pub on Blackhorse Avenue with her husband. But when she went to the restroom, she saw an engagement ring and wedding ring sitting on the edge of the sink.

McKiernan told the Irish Independent that it was around 6 p.m., and she assumed the rings were there because someone had taken them off to wash her hands.

The rings were discovered on May 9, shortly before McKiernan and her husband were going on vacation.

McKiernan notified staff members at the pub, and she left the rings behind the bar with the owner, along with her name and number.

But after one week, the rings were left unclaimed. McKiernan took it upon herself to look for the rings’ owner.

“I’ve tried everything since,” she said. “I’ve been in with the Guards, I’ve had it in the local newsletter and everything, but no one’s come forward so far.”

She also took the rings to a jeweler, and although they weren’t formally assessed, she found out that the engagement ring was probably worth between €2,500 and €3,000 ($2748 to $3297). The wedding ring is likely worth around another €900 ($989).

Both rings appear to be set in white gold or platinum, with diamonds in each. Diamonds are often a girl’s — or bride’s — best friend, and 87.1% of brides-to-be prefer diamonds in their engagement rings, according to Wedding Wire.

And in Ireland, more brides could be figuring out how to buy an engagement ring now thanks to the country’s marriage equality referendum. On Friday, May 22, Ireland became the first nation to legalize same-sex marriage by a popular vote, winning out by 62% voting “yes” to 38% voting “no.”

No matter who the bride may be, McKiernan said she could empathize with her. She has been married for more than 22 years and has two children, and she said she can’t imagine losing her rings, too.

“I can picture some poor girl pulling her hair out over this, and I really can’t stress enough how much I want to find her,” she told the Irish Independent. “It’s like when someone’s lost a dog and they’re looking for it, that’s the way I’ve been searching for this girl.”

Anyone with information on the rings’ owner should contact the Cabra Garda Station in Dublin.

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