Google Voice Launches Updated Calling Features on App for Android, Web Users

When Google first launched their voice app more than nine years ago, it was an extremely popular platform. But the company quickly lost interest after their launch. Because of that, Google has been trying to improve their voice program by updating the apps and even rolling out a long-awaited feature.

Google is currently in the process of testing out it’s Wi-Fi and mobile data calling feature. It’s available for use now on the web and Android devices, but 9 to 5 Google says it’s still in the works for iOS systems. While mobile VoIP is expected to hit about one billion users by 2018, Google Voice has never offered VoIP calling in the past.

Here’s how it used to work: You would sign up for the app and get a phone number that was just like a real one. The number would be used to dial into the Google system and the person on the other line would see your Google Voice number only. Even though that seemed cool, especially back in 2009 when something like that didn’t really exist, it wasn’t enough to cause people to buy-in.

Extreme Tech says with the new updates to the system, you can call over data and avoid roaming charges. It’s perfect for someone who is always traveling abroad. If you have poor cell service, you have the option to call over Wi-Fi as well. These new features are similar to other VoIP service offerings out there.

In order to use this new voice feature, you’ll have to have the Google Voice app downloaded on your phone and/or computer. Unfortunately, the dialer in the app doesn’t have the ability to choose between numbers like it can with regular phone-based calls. You also won’t be able to call 911 using the app either, at least for now. That feature is potentially in the works down the road.

The use of the updated voice app should be available for use on iOS processing systems “soon”.

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