Hordes of Bunnies are on the Loose on a Small Island in Washington

One thing the Bible taught us is that animals like to exist in pairs — and research often backs this up. When dogs are alone they are apt to feel lonely; when paired with another dog for even 20 minutes, however, a dog’s mood improves dramatically.

If this logic applies to all animals, Langley, Washington is currently home to quite a few happy bunnies.

According to NBC News, a horde of wild bunnies are on the loose in the small town on Whidbey Island, wreaking havoc every which way they hop. The rabbits have been burrowing holes, destroying the foundation of countless properties, and even creating health risks to people and their faithful pet companions with their excrement.

“There is feces everywhere and there are some illnesses that can be carried and transmitted,” Brian Miller, facilities directer for South Whidbey School District, told KING 5 News.

The district is fed up with the rabbits. After just spending $80,000 to restore their school’s football field, the school is finding new holes to repair each day.

Kids are now “on alert” at recess and have to be careful where they stand in order to avoid the rabbit waste.

While many residents are calling for relocation, others favor extermination — or whatever it takes to rid the island of the furry foes.

“They are cute, but they have an impact on our community,” facilities director Miller added.

However, not everyone thinks that extreme measures should be taken in order to free the island of the bunny horde. Babs, a local who witnessed the rabbits multiply rapidly beneath her shed, has fended off the bunnies by installing chicken wire fences around her property.

“I would just prefer a little more natural solution than extinction,” said Babs in an interview with NBC News.

South Whidbey School District is following suit, and is even considering investing in a $60,000 fence.

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