How Does Your Trash Company Clean Your Trash Bins?

Do you run a business or manage a facility? Have you ever wondered how trash companies clean trash cans? This video offers some insight into the process.

The first thing to know is that it is best to have professionals clean industrial trash bins. Unlike the trash can you keep at home, industrial trash cans collect large numbers of waste objects from various people over long periods. They tend to be much dirtier and filled with a great deal of muck and grime that must be eradicated.

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Trash can cleaning services are the only ones that can do this job.

In most cases, they use a simple three-part process. They first position the bins in a way that allows them to be inspected. The cleaners get rid of leftover garbage and waste. They then attach the bin to a hydraulic grabber on the truck. The grabbers lift the trash can and place it in the truck. After the can is positioned, the cleaners pressure-wash it. This is done using a hot water cleaning system that is powered by a high-pressure spinning jet. Eco-friendly cleaning products are applied to remove dirt and kill germs and bacteria. Now you know how industrial trash cans are cleaned.


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