How Is Aluminum Made?

Aluminum is the world’s most common metallic substance, and there is an enormous market for it around the world. It is generally made by starting with boxite. Boxite is found in many tropical companies, and it is exported for the creation of aluminum.

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Within boxite, there are aluminum atoms that are attached to oxygen. To make aluminum, this attachment has to be broken and the aluminum atoms gathered.

The aluminum is then roasted to get rid of any moisture within it. An electronic current is put through the aluminum to do this. The impurities from the aluminum are gathered from the top of the pot. This has to be done continuously to get rid of all of these impurities. The air is taken out of the container with a tube. Then, the molten aluminum is then taken from the crucible, and it is refilled with more molten aluminum.

There are furnaces that then hold the aluminum. Then, the aluminum is cast. It is often made into sheets or ingots. The ingots can weigh as much as 25 tons each. Sometimes, the aluminum is cast directly into products that are made from this important metal. Aluminum is used for countless products that we use every day.


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