How O-Rings Work

Neoprene o rings are used to seal in certain fluids or gasses. In the video, “What is an O-ring and How Does it Work?” we learn that these O-rings are shaped like a donut and are usually made out of rubber. Now that we know what O-rings are, let’s take a closer look.

Video Source

O-rings are extremely important in the sealing process and they are also the most basic part. The video further explains that when working in low-pressure situations the groove compresses the O-ring which ultimately creates the seal.

High-pressure systems work a little bit differently than low-pressure situations. In high-pressure situations, the O-ring is pushed by the pressure to fill in the gap, which blocks the ability of the gas or fluid from escaping.

When it comes time to make a seal using an O-ring you want to make sure that you calculate the correct dimensions required. Once you have your dimensions measured you are ready to put your O-ring to work.

Overall, O-rings are an important tool when it comes to sealing. This was a little bit about how they work, but if you are interested in learning more it’s always important to do the proper research.


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