Job Insight on a Skilled Nurse

Nurses are the backbone of the medical field. If you are considering working in a skilled nursing facility, this video will show you what an average day on duty can be like.

An important part of your day is charting. Natural Soul shows the charting screen that she uses in the video.

Video Source

The chart shows what medication each resident gets, how much they get and at what times they receive it. Some medications, insulin, for example, have a sliding scale for how much the patient receives based on what their blood sugar is reading.

You will then go into a patient’s room at the skilled nursing facility, and administer the necessary medicine. It is always nice to greet your patients so that they can form a bond with you.

After that, you have to go back to your charting. You will write down how much you gave the patient if any at all, and any other important notes from your visit.

When you are done with that patient, you move on to the next. Pay attention to your chart and what your patient is telling you. Always make sure that you chart everything! Natural Soul stresses the importance of being accurate in all of your chartings, whether it’s through the computer or written on paper.

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