Man Rescued After Being Trapped In Restaurant Grease Trap For Two Days

The restaurant business can be pretty intense. If running the actual business wasn’t difficult enough, old buildings can be particularly harrowing, problems with which can tend to mount over time. There’s nothing like an old building to make a restaurant owner wonder if it’s worth it.

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States and it affects commercial and residential buildings alike. It’s tough to keep track of because it’s odorless and invisible. Rats thrive in urban environments with lots of trash and hiding places. Old buildings that house restaurants are perfect for them, with the top three rat-filled cities being NYC, Houston, and Washington D.C. They’re a bit easier to get rid of because we can see them. However, there’s no greater problematic mischief than the antics of other human beings.

Unable to face the intensity of the restaurant industry, one Chinese restaurant in California had to close its doors. That is when a brilliant idea struck a passerby. The nameless man saw the vacant restaurant and thought he would attempt to get inside for reasons unknown. The locked restaurant was obviously well secured, so naturally, he took to the roof. On the roof, he saw a grease vent that undoubtedly led to the kitchen. In what he thought would be a quick drop into the kitchen, he removed his jacket and attempted to slide into the restaurant via the grease vent. What could possibly go wrong?

About five feet down the grease vent, he got stuck. Trapped there, covered in grease, he couldn’t get himself back out. With the restaurant being closed, his cries for help fell on deaf ears and he stayed trapped there for two days.

Igor Campos owns Campos Tax Services, which is next door to the defunct restaurant. He kept hearing a muffled noise and paid it no mind until the noise didn’t stop. He curiously went outside the building and quickly reasoned that there was someone trapped in the ventilation shaft in the roof. That’s when he discovered the grease-covered man wedged in the vent.

Campos quickly called 911 and firefighters arrived at the scene of a rescue that would prove much more complicated than they initially thought. The solution and eventual rescue of the grease trap man called for the firefighters to dismantle the ducting around him. When they got him out, he was immediately taken to the hospital.

“Given another day, there’s a good chance he may not have made it. He might not have survived much longer,” said Sgt. Ray Kelly.

Fortunately for the grease trap man, he’s expected to make a full recovery. As for the reason why he had gotten himself in that slippery situation in the first place, the police have said he’s been less than truthful. They also said it looked like he intended to scavenge for potential valuables left behind. The poor fellow had been through enough and, as of yet, the grease trap man has not been charged.

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