Medical Marijuana Producer One of Many Competing to Open Proposed Dispensaries in Connecticut

Medical marijuana from the DoctorConnecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions LLC (CPS) and its affiliate, the Connecticut Pharmaceutical Research Center LLC, have submitted one of 15 applications vying to open one of the new cannabis dispensaries in the state.

CPS, which operates in Portland, is one of the state’s four medical marijuana producers, but their hope is establishing a dispensary will help improve research and treatment applications since that would allow them to work directly with patients, according to the Hartford Courant.

“Our interest in this enterprise has to do with research potential working with patients in the program,” said Thomas Schultz, president of Connecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions. “What we’d really like to do is bring science closer to clinical application.”

Schultz believes having access to the people being treated would lead to an overall more effective product.

Connecticut, one of the 23 U.S. states that allow medical marijuana use, currently has six dispensaries and their plan is to increase that number to nine. New Haven and Fairfield are the counties where they plan to locate the new shops due to the large number of registered medical marijuana patients and lack of current dispensaries. Together they combine to house 50% of the states registered medical marijuana patients but only two dispensaries, the Hartford Courant reports.

While the state Department of Consumer Protection (DCP), which regulates the state’s program, has released the names of the applying businesses, they will not yet provide the exact locations they’ve proposed to set up shop.

“Just as was our practice during the past selection process for dispensary facilities and producers, to protect the integrity and fairness of the process, we will not release any further information until the review is complete,” said Claudette Carveth, a consumer protection spokeswoman.

Connecticut legalized the sale of medical marijuana last year and has since tripled the number of registered patients. There were 5,357 registers as of Aug. 27, and the DCP predicts that number will reach 6,000 by the end of the year.

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