New York City Designers Introduce Stain-Resistant Linen Clothing for Men Just Before the Holidays

Man gentleman in black suit and tieFinding the perfect holiday gift for a 20-something man can be difficult, but two New York City designers have created a line of stain-resistant linen clothing that any man can appreciate.

According to Forbes, brothers Mike and Matt French have begun creating stain-proof linen shirts for their New York City-based company, Mister French. While people in Australia and Switzerland have been wearing spill-proof clothing for years, the brother decided to bring the trend to America with organic linen fabrics.

Besides stain-resistance, the brothers also wanted to focus on style and fit for the new line. Mike French noted that “everyone wears linen, but all too often the fit is off and the vibe is wrong.” To combat this, the brothers made shirts that are “cut for a sir with impeccable taste.”

The line is suited for the modern man who wishes to look debonair while still being protected from the elements — and their own clumsiness. The new linen shirts are equipped with collars that have been treated with 3M stain guard, which works to keep men looking sharp in any weather.

“The idea is to create a shirt that can survive the champagne and the high seas,” said Mike French. “The ideal customer is young in spirit, well-traveled, and a bit mysterious.”

Linen has become a hot fashion commodity over the years because of its luxurious look and multi-purpose usage potential. According to the website, Nike recently released its new Air Force 1 “Miami Linen” shoe, which features a soft beige textile and Art Deco-inspired lettering.

The aesthetic qualities of linen are well-known, but its practical uses also help to create more demand for the fabric. In hot weather, those dressed in linen clothing are found to show a skin temperature that is 3°-4°C below that of their silk or cotton-wearing friends.

As for the French brothers, the pair worked with Dropel Fabrics to create the special line of linen clothing. Dropel Fabrics is the self-proclaimed “world’s first hydrophobic textile supplier,” making stain-resistant clothing that repels liquids.

The brothers added that their shirts will stay fresh for up to 20 to 30 washes, a claim that they vigorously tested in their New York City office before introducing the line.

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