Panama City in Florida Approves ‘Golf Cart Friendly’ Roads in Certain Neighborhoods

UPDATED 1/15/21

Walking long distances in heat can be absolutely brutal, and walking in Florida heat can be downright unbearable. Panama City legislators have approved a bill that will make traveling through the Sunshine State just a little bit easier.

According to local news affiliate WJHG, Panama City commissioners approved an ordinance to allow golf carts on certain roads in a four-to-one vote on Tuesday.

Cart owners in the area will be able to legally drive all around the Millville, FL area on a stretch that covers several miles until roads hit a dead-end near the bay.

While many in the community support the new legislation, Panama City Police Chief Scott Ervin still has some safety concerns.

“Many of them are not equipped with seat belts and so forth,” Ervin said. “They don’t have air bags. They don’t have any of the safety equipment a normal car has.”

Golf carts are already allowed on many Florida roads, including The Villages, a retirement community of over 70,000 people that also boasts a 100-mile golf cart trail system. Mayor Greg Brudnicki sees the success of such developments as reason to legalize golf carts on roads in other Florida towns.

“If it became a safety concern, you know, then we’d have to address that issue, but so far it has not been, and it’s been successful in a lot of other areas other than Panama City,” the mayor said.

The further development of other “golf cart friendly” areas is sure to make one Florida teen even happier than he already is.

According to, 14-year-old Weston resident Danny Adams, who is battling brain cancer, recently received a tricked-out golf cart courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, custom-built by Triad Golf Carts in North Carolina.

The cart took Triad about 40 hours to construct and features a host of incredible perks, including a seven-inch touchscreen DVD player and a color scheme to match Adams’s favorite video game, Call of Duty.

Adams will have to wait a couple of years before he gets his driver’s license, but for licensed drivers in Panama City, they will be able to hit the streets with their golf carts fairly soon.

Per Florida law, the city must put up signs on the area’s perimeter designating it as a “golf cart friendly” neighborhood before the ruling can go into effect.

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