Pizza Delivery Services of the Near Future Are Like Something Out of a Sci-Fi movie

Updated: 7/22/2020

Let’s talk about Domino’s Pizza robot. The company has unveiled ex-military cybernetics technology,andnbsp;which was being used to deliver pizzas to its Australian clients.

Avoiding the obvious jokes about how difficult it must actually be to run a pizza delivery service in Australia (what with everyone living an average of a half-mile apart outside of major cities), there are actually some solid reasons Domino’s is citing for attempting to automate the pizza delivery process.

Back in America, New York City police arrested 41-year-old Ghazal Walker for the attempted murder of a 37-year-old pizza delivery driver working at a restaurant called Amadeus Pizza.

Police say the dispute between the two men may have occurred after they nearly collided with each other while the victim was out delivering pizzas. Alongside employee safety, Domino’s is hoping to cut down on the amount of time it takes to deliver a pizza to a customer’s home.

Having fewer cars and fewer drivers on the road is also a time and money saver. Cutting back on similar expenses has Domino’s aiming to provide a more streamlined ordering process for its customers. While Domino’s now has to compete with countless other pizza delivery options, this was the first step toward serious innovation on their part.

sci fi pizza

The move is one that food enthusiasts all over the world apparently crave — according to a recent study, over 350 slices of pizza are consumedandnbsp;every second of every day!

Only time will tell if this gambit will pay off. Now that countless more industries are investing in delivery apps, drone delivery services, and other variants on the classic food delivery business, it’s likely that traditional pizza places will need to step up their game. Whether that means expanding on their droid delivery services or investing in unique flavors from traditional pizza toppings is yet to be seen.

For now, it seems that human-delivered food will still have a place in the hearts of pizza lovers. According to Fox Nashville, one pizza driver as recently gifted more than $100 for a tip for a simple order of pizza. The footage from the civilian’s security camera shows the driver stopping in his tracks when he realized that the tip was so large. Paying it forward, especially during times like these, is essential. When it comes to supporting your neighbors, we might not be ready for completely automated processes.

The automated pizza delivery process hasn’t quite caught on in the United States, at least not in such a small package. The most innovative pizza design of late turned was thanks to the food delivery company, Nuro’s. This sci fi pizza delivery service has been using self-driving cars to deliver warm Domino’s pies as recently as 2019. About half the size of your average sedan, the self driving car has been delivering groceries for chains like Kroger. It makes sense that the next logical step is to move to warm and ready pizza.

innovative pizza

You just have to think about whether or not you’re comfortable with a robot that uses laser targeting systems to navigate and once was used by the U.S. military for conducting live-firing drills showing up on your doorstep with hot food. This kind of sci fi pizza innovation is perfect when it comes to living during the trials and tribulations of COVID-19.

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